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What is the Sharing Economy?

Sharing TV

Compare and Share

Global Sharing Week

Following the success of Global Sharing Day, this year saw the first ever Global Sharing Week which reached over 120 million people worldwide.


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Sharing TV

Sharing TV is the 'crowd sourced' web TV channel dedicated to the Sharing Economy. Sharing TV brings you the very latest news, views, interviews, LIVE streaming events as well as the personalities and inspirational stories from the great and the good of the Sharing Economy all over the world.




What's on?

Benita Matofska : A woman who shares

A worldwide expert on the Sharing Economy, Benita is a renowned speaker, writer and award-winning social entrepreneur; she?s the pioneer behind Global Sharing Week and also the Founder of Compare and Share, the world?s first comparison marketplace of the Sharing Economy and corporate consultancy helping businesses succeed in the Sharing Economy.


What is the Sharing Economy?

Benita's keynote at the FT

Benita's TEDx talk