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We're a global movement dedicated to spreading awareness of the Sharing Economy.


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What is the Sharing Economy?

National Sharing Week Netherlands

Compare and Share

Global Sharing Week

Following the success of Global Sharing Day which reached over 100 million people globally, we bring you... the first ever Global Sharing Week!!


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Sharing TV

Exclusive live feeds from Sharing Economy Events and features on the people and organizations making the Sharing Economy happen.


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What's on?

Benita Matofska : A woman who shares

Benita is a social innovator, entrepreneur, and the Chief Sharer at The People Who Share and Compare and Share. A world leading expert and ambassador for the Sharing Economy, Benita is an acclaimed public speaker on topics around the sharing economy and social enterprise.

When not sharing at work Benita is sharing with family and friends, especially with her husband Lee, children Maia(11), Sol(9) and Buster the dog. Benita has a particular penchant for clothes 'shwopping'.


What is the Sharing Economy?

State of the Sharing Economy Report

The Sharing Economy is engaging millions