The People Who Share is an exciting social movement that is making the Sharing Economy mainstream. We're on a mission to build a Sharing Economy and we love to help you discover that sharing is... fun, affordable, easy, accessible, mobile and of course social. We bring it all together on-line, on land and on-the-go.

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Our flagship campaign is Global Sharing Week, previously Global Sharing Day which in June 2015 reached over 100 million people in 192 countries. What began in the UK as National Sharing Day in 2012, has now become the largest mass engagement campaign for the Sharing Economy.


Our mission is to help millions discover the Sharing Economy. You can start sharing at Compare and Share the world’s one-stop shop for the Sharing Economy where you can also find the most comprehensive Global Sharing Economy Directory with over 7,900 sharing sites from around the world.


We want to encourage conversations between people who share to find a way to enjoy more and live better. See something you like? Got something to share? Let us know, share with us! Want to know more about the Sharing Economy? You can find it all here on our TV channel -- Sharing TV. You can listen to our podcasts or read our blog.



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Our Purpose

We're committed to reshaping the world through sharing, harnessing the power of reciprocity to create happier, healthier and more sustainable lifestyles. We're here to enable sharing, to make it easy for people who need, to connect with people who have, and build a global community of sharers. Our passion is unlocking the sharing potential that exists in each of us. What will you share? 


Our vision of the future is a thriving Sharing Economy where the need to own is transformed. Everyone is a supplier of goods, services and experiences. Where people share skills, time, resources, knowledge, responsibility, opportunities, ideas, goods, services and stuff. It's a world in which our collective capability meets our collective needs and we collaborate to enhance each other's lives, protect our planet and create wealth from which everybody benefits.


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