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The People Who Share is a social enterprise that helps people and companies discover and access the Sharing Economy. Our mission is to mainstream the Sharing Economy worldwide.

We work with a network of partners worldwide to deliver services and activities for people and companies including: campaigns, like our flagship Global Sharing Week; access to goods and services for your every day life via our Share Collection; public speaking, workshops, events and corporate Sharing Economy Consultancy helping organisations across the private, public and voluntary sectors succeed in the Sharing Economy; building ShareTech tools and innovation, research and intelligence. We also host the Share Guide, the largest directory of Sharing services worldwide. We help people discover that if you’ve ever rented, swapped, exchange, borrowed, you’re part of the growing Sharing Economy.


Our flagship campaign is Global Sharing Week, previously Global Sharing Day which in June 2016 reached over 110 million people in 192 countries. What began in the UK as National Sharing Day in 2011, has now become the largest mass engagement campaign for the Sharing Economy.

The Share Collection

Discover how you can enhance your every day life through sharing with our Share Collection full of amazing sharing experiences from grub clubs and clothes swaps to car sharing and skills swapping.

We want to encourage conversations between people who share to find a way to enjoy more and live better. See something you like? Got something to share? This is the place to share your spare!  Want to know more about the Sharing Economy? Explore our blog, podcasts and our TV channel - Sharing TV.

Our purpose

We're committed to reshaping the world through sharing, harnessing the power of reciprocity to create happier, healthier and more sustainable lifestyles. We're here to enable sharing, to make it easy for people to discover a whole world of sharing for their every day lives and build a global community of sharers. Our passion is unlocking the sharing potential that exists in each of us. Our mission is to mainstream the Sharing Economy worldwide.

Our vision of the future is a thriving Sharing Economy where the need to own is transformed. Everyone is a supplier of goods, services and experiences. Where people share skills, time, resources, knowledge, responsibility, opportunities, ideas, goods, services and stuff. It's a world in which our collective capability meets our collective needs and we collaborate to enhance each other's lives, protect our planet and create wealth from which everybody benefits.

Behind the share

The People Who Share is a social enterprise, a not-for-private-profit, with a vision to help millions discover the Sharing Economy, founded in 2011 in Brighton, UK by Chief Sharer, speaker and Sharing Economy global expert Benita Matofska.

Our A-Team consists of sharing champions Pol Frias, Imran Azam (Sharing TVSnap Chat Film School) and Candida Rato (The People Who Share - Portugal) and Brendan Ward (USA).

How we sustain ourselves

The People Who Share sustains itself via:

  • Corporate Sharing Economy Consultancy and the delivery of enterprise solutions e.g. ShareTec apps, platforms and tools, branding, market research, business development.
  • Donations, grants and in-kind: from the public and from organisations.
  • Public Speaking, lectures, seminars, workshops delivered by Chief Sharer, Benita Matofska  and other Sharing Economy experts.
What is the Sharing Economy
What is the Sharing Economy?
The Share Collection
Discover The Share Collection


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