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Global Sharing Day is the world’s largest people-driven campaign that raises awareness on the fast-growing Sharing Economy.

We did pretty well last year: over 4 million people shared a meal on Global Sharing Day (the theme was Sharing Food) and we reached over 70 million people in 192 countries. It was massive! Click here for more information.


Global Sharing Day 2014

It's time for some serious neighbourhood sharing!

This year’s theme is neighbourhood sharing and it’s all about bringing communities together to share what they have, demonstrating that most of what we need is right there on our doorstep.

There are a wealth of ways in which everyone can connect and share within their local communities: tools-sharing, local skills sharing, street-sales, collective purchasing of food or energy, shared wifi schemes, community-owned centres, community gardening schemes, time banks, local bike sharing schemes, ride sharing and carpooling. 

What will you and your neighbourhood share on Global Sharing Day?


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