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Sharing TV

Watch Share Israel Live from Tel Aviv

On Dec 15th from 12 noon You can hear Chief Sharer, Benita Matofska, ShareNL, WEconomise and others.


Sharing TV is the crowdsourced web TV channel dedicated to the Sharing Economy. Sharing TV brings you the very latest news, views, interviews, LIVE streaming events as well as the personalities and inspirational stories from around the world. To add your content and live stream your sharing events contact us.

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Chief Media Sharer, Imran Azam is the driving force behind Sharing TV.

imran azam - media sharer

Dedicated to the promotion and development of the Sharing Economy social movement, he founded and and worked as a blogger, writer, campaigner, consultant, advocate, reporter, mouthpiece for the Sharing Economy and established the Sharing Economy: Europe LinkedIn Group.

Want to get involved? If you have content you’d like to share or you’d like to live stream your event on Sharing TV, get in touch.

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Sharing TV archive