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3 Harsh Facts About Long-Distance Relationships

by Maria L. Searle
3 Harsh Facts About Long-Distance Relationships

Long-distance relationships aren’t for everyone. They require a lot of commitment. Not to mention how hard they can get, especially for people whose love language is physical touch.

Being far from your significant other is never easy. So, before you commit to a long-distance relationship, there are some facts you need to know.

In today’s article, we’ll discuss 3 harsh facts about long-distance relationships. Keep on reading to find out if long-distance relationships are for you!

Harsh Facts You Need to Know About Long-Distance Relationships

Let’s check out 3 harsh facts about long-distance relationships, also known as LDRs.

1. The Lack of Physical Contact Isn’t Easy

One of the biggest issues with LDRs is the lack of physical intimacy. All forms of physical touch, including hugs and kisses, are important to any relationship.

Physical touch makes couples feel close and connected. It strengthens the bond between lovers through non-verbal actions.

It’ll be hard going weeks, months, or even years without seeing or touching your partner. It’ll be even harder for people whose main love language is physical touch.

Sadly, the lack of physical intimacy in a relationship may lead to a lot of problems. In some cases, it may cause partners to feel frustrated and unsatisfied.

How to Deal With the Lack of Physical Contact

On the bright side, many long-distance relationships overcome the lack of physical touch. For example, planning more frequent visits is the main solution to this problem.

Still, not many people can tolerate being deprived of physical love. All in all, the best thing to do is always communicate with your partner. Good communication is key to overcoming all long-distance relationship problems.

More importantly, you can find other ways to compensate your partner for the lack of physical affection. It all depends on your partner’s love language.

Generally, LDRs aren’t the best for anyone whose love language is physical touch. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t work this out with your partner.

2. The Feeling of Loneliness Can Be Overwhelming

2. The Feeling of Loneliness Can Be Overwhelming

It’s no secret that you’ll feel lonely in a long-distance relationship. Being away from your loved one will make you feel lonely most of the time.

Sadly, no amount of texts or Facetime can be enough. You’ll miss hanging out with your partner and doing activities together. You might even miss hearing their voice in real life.

Unfortunately, you’ll be frustrated if you can’t see your partner. The problem is that there’s nothing you can do about it. You might even feel depressed.

The saddest part is seeing your friends celebrating events and spending time together with their partners all the time. In addition, you might start skipping gatherings and events so that you can spend time with your long-distance partner.

After a while, you might find yourself taking a step back from the real world and distancing yourself from others. What’s more, in some cases, long-distance can create communication issues between you and your partner.

How to Deal With the Overwhelming Feeling of Loneliness

Many people decide to keep themselves busy to avoid feeling lonely. However, they might get too busy. That can also affect the relationship negatively.

In that case, time management is essential. You also should plan more frequent visits to your partner.

3. Seeing Each Other Can Be Expensive

Visiting your partner is essential to make the relationship work. Sadly, depending on your partner’s location, it can be expensive, especially if they live in another country.

How to Deal With the Expensive Visits

In most cases, if you work a full-time job, you’ll probably think about visiting your partner during the holidays. Unfortunately, plane tickets tend to become more expensive during most holidays.

The other solution would be taking a vacation from work, which can be a hassle sometimes. More importantly, when money is tight, you won’t be able to visit your loved one. That situation can be frustrating.

Moreover, moving to another country can cost thousands of dollars. Additionally, you’ll have to find another job if your job doesn’t allow relocating or remote working.

One of the best ways you can deal with this issue is by planning your trips as early as possible. To elaborate, you can get cheaper flight tickets with early bookings.

Do Long-Distance Relationships Work?

Do Long-Distance Relationships Work

Although LDRs aren’t easy, a 2013 study showed that around three million Americans live apart from their partners during their marriage. In addition, a high percentage of college students have been in successful long-distance relationships.

Overall, a long-distance relationship can work. However, to make it work, you need a lot of time, dedication, and commitment from both sides.

You’d be surprised to know that long-distance couples tend to have the same or more satisfaction in their relationships when compared to normal ones. In addition, most LDR couples feel more connected and have stronger bonds.

Of course, long-distance relationship problems will always exist. However, there are some ways you can overcome these issues. Here are some essential tips for anyone in a long-distance relationship:

1. Do Stuff Together

Doing online stuff together can make you feel less lonely. You can watch a show or play online co-op games with your partner.

2. Communicate

Communication is the most essential part of any relationship. You should always communicate with your partner when faced with any problem.

3. Set a Schedule

Time management is essential in any LDR. You should set a phone schedule or video calls to stay in touch all the time.

4. Surprise Them With Gifts

You can show your partner you’re thinking about them by buying them a gift! You can easily order anything you have in mind online and have it delivered to your partner’s house in another country.

Wrapping Up

There are 3 harsh facts about long-distance relationships you need to know about.

First, the lack of physical touch can be hard for anyone. It can be even harder for anyone whose love language is physical touch. Physical intimacy is an essential part of any relationship, after all.

Second, it’ll get pretty lonely sometimes. The feeling of loneliness in a long-distance relationship can be overwhelming.

Third, don’t expect LDRs to be cheap. You might have to spend a fortune to visit your partner, depending on where they live.

On the bright side, LDRs can work. However, they require commitment, dedication, and patience.

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