Home Personality Anna Kendrick Net Worth: From Twilight to Pitch Perfect and an Oscar Nomination for Up in the Air, How Much Does This ‘Scrappy Little Nobody’ Really Earn?

Anna Kendrick Net Worth: From Twilight to Pitch Perfect and an Oscar Nomination for Up in the Air, How Much Does This ‘Scrappy Little Nobody’ Really Earn?

by Maria L. Searle
Anna Kendrick Net Worth

From a side role in Twilight to a starring role in Pitch Perfect to an Academy nomination for Up in the Air, Anna Kendrick has had quite a career! The Hollywood star took the ladder of fame step by step until she made a career for herself, although she came from an average family.

Since she starred in many highly-grossing movies, many people have wondered about Anna Kendrick’s net worth and how rich she is.

The 38-year-old celebrity is pretty private about her life, so there’s been a lot of speculations about the reality of her wealth. Let’s see how rich she truly is:

An Overview of the Life of Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick isn’t only famous for being an actress but also for her down-to-earth nature, which resonates with her fans. She constantly posts witty tweets on Twitter and interacts with fans, which widened her fan base considerably.

Revisiting her early life, Anna was born to an average family in 1985 in Portland, Maine. Her father worked as a history teacher in a local school, while her mother was an accountant. Meanwhile, her older brother, Michael, grew up to walk the same route and became an actor, though his career isn’t as extensive as hers.

Kendrick attended Deering High School in her hometown, and then she went on to join Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. However, she’d already chosen her career path by then.

Anna Kendrick’s Acting Career

Anna Kendrick's Acting Career

When she was only 12, Kendrick secured her first significant role in the theatre, starring in High Society.

When she was 18, she had a starring role in A Little Night Music, the popular musical by Stephen Sondheim. Not only that, but she’d also starred in Camp, the 2003 movie about a musical camp.

The first significant step in her career came in 2008 when she earned a side role in Twilight, the most famous saga. She then went on to play the same role in Twilight: New Moon and Breaking Dawn and earned another role in Elsewhere.

Another major step took place in 2009 when she earned an Academy Award nomination for Up in the Air, though she lost it to Mo’nique for her legendary role in Precious.

From then on, she appeared in many projects, including What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Scott Pilgrim Vs the World, End of Watch, and Pitch Perfect.

Her arguably most famous project is Pitch Perfect, which earned two more parts after the considerable success it scored on the first one.

Anna Kendrick’s Personal Life

Anna Kendrick's Personal Life

Anna Kendrick’s dating profile isn’t as extensive as many of her fans seem to think. She famously dated Ben Richardson, the English cinematographer, in 2014. Ben was Anna’s longest relationship, having dated for 6 years before they broke it off in 2020. They’d initially been met on the set of Drinking Buddies.

After Ben, Anna went on to date actor Bill Hader in 2021. However, their relationship didn’t last for a long time. They broke it off in 2022.

In the same year, Anna talked publicly about her performance in Alice Darling, saying that her past abusive relationship inspired it. Kendrick said that she’d been dealing with the remnants of an emotionally abusive relationship when she got the script and that the role truly spoke to her.

Though the fans immediately thought of Bill Hader, it looks like Kendrick wasn’t talking about him after it. She clarified that the relationship lasted long and that she lived with her ex, so it’s more probable that she was talking about Richardson, but nothing has been proven.

In an interview, Anna revealed that her partner had become hostile toward her and that their arguments always ended badly. She also blamed herself for trying to fix the relationship after her partner had admitted that he had feelings for someone else.

How Much Does Anna Kendrick Earn?

Anna Kendrick

Let’s be honest; no celebrity ever willingly makes his earnings public. God knows athletes suffer enough because their salaries are out for everyone to see!

So, we don’t know how much Anna Kendrick earns regularly. However, it’s easy to predict she makes millions based on the salaries she deserves for her movies.

For example, Kendrick reportedly got paid $6 million for the third part of Pitch Perfect, which implies she earned low millions or high hundreds of thousands for the initial Pitch Perfect movies. For the third movie, she also demanded a percentage of its films, so she likit’s earned more than $6 million.

Aside from her acting jobs, Kendrick reportedly made some money from Scrappy Little Nobody, the autobiography she published in 2016.

It’s safe to assume she makes around $2 million annually from her various projects.

What Is Anna Kendrick Kendrick’sth?

Anna Kendrick

Although Anna Kendrick isn’t, her net worth is around $20 million. The Hollywood celebrity starred in plenty of highly-grossing movies, so, unsurpriit’sly, she enjoys a considerable net worth.

Final Thoughts

Anna Kendrick climbed the ladder of fame through a steady ascent, starting from her early days in the theatre, progressing to securing side roles in significant movies in the early 2010s, and culminating in earning an Academy Award nomination and starring in a popular film like Pitch Perfect.

That’s why she’s enjoying the sum of money, especially since she joins various projects yearly. She also published her autobiography, Scrappy Little Nobody, in 2016, which undoubtedly boosted her income.

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