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Bobbi Althoff Age: How Old Is Bobbi, the TikTok Star Turned Podcast Host Interviewing Celebrities Drake and Marc Cuban?

by Maria L. Searle
Bobbi Althoff Age

Bobbi Althoff is one of the most famous podcasters and social media celebrities. She started her online career by posting mom-related content, which went viral after interviewing some well-known stars.

With a fan base of more than 7 million followers on TikTok, people usually ask about Bobbi Althoff’s age, family life, and career. You’ve come to the right place if you’re interested in learning more about the influencer’s life.

What is Bobbi Althoff’s Age?

Bobbi Althoff

Bobbi Althoff was born on the 31st of July, 1997, making her 26 years old as of 2024. She was born under the sign of Leo, which means she’s a daring person with a strong personality.

Leo women are loyal, courageous, and generous. They’re also known to seek attention, and this probably explains why the American podcaster started posting online content.

Bobbi Althoff is the second daughter in a family of six children and grew up in South Carolina. Her father was a contractor, and after finishing school, she started working as a nanny.

Becoming an Online Personality

Bobbi Althoff

In 2021, Bobbi Althoff got pregnant and started a TikTok account to document her motherhood journey. She gained a lot of fans as a young mother, and after earning 1 million followers, she set her account private.

After two years, Altfhoff started a new account as a podcaster, posting lifestyle content. She also approached several celebrities and interviewed stars like Drake, Charlie Puth, Offset, Mark Cuban, and Shaquille O’Neal.

Her interviewing style made fans fall in love with her channel, and in less than a year, she gained more than seven million followers. She also has three million followers on her Instagram account.

She published a pilot for her podcast, The Good Podcast, and fans were hooked. She later posted her interview with Drake on her YouTube Channel but got it removed.

Her Interviewing Style


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Bobbi Althoff asks her guests about their lives but uses dark humor to entertain her fans. She often remains silent to make them uncomfortable and asks questions they don’t expect. Many people believe that she copies the style of Zach Galifianakis.

Her quick rise to fame made people ask questions. While many famous podcasters struggled to get interviews with the names she worked with, she did this quickly.

Many people were astonished when Bobbi managed to interview Drake on her second podcast, although he is a famous star. Conspiracy theory fans believe that she is an industry plant. This means the celebrities or their representatives hired her to help improve their social media image.

Bobbi Althoff didn’t care much about haters. Instead, she posted a video of herself dancing to the song Barbie World, making fun of the rumors.

Her Marriage

Her Marriage

Although Bobbi Althoff keeps her relationships private, she often talks about how she met her husband, Cory. Cory Althoff is a programmer and is currently the senior vice president of one of the top trade associations in the IT industry. He also published two books about self-teaching coding and computer science.

The two met on Bumble and kept their identities private in the beginning. Then, they got married in 2020. Cory and Bobbi Althoff have two daughters together, and she doesn’t post their faces online.

Marriage Struggles

Marriage Struggles

Throughout her career, Cory Althoff appeared once on his wife’s TikTok account. They made a promotional video together, and the fans loved it. But things weren’t going great for the young couple.

After four years of marriage, the two decided to separate. Cory filed for divorce in February 2024.

Although they didn’t mention the reason behind their separation, many believe it was due to Bobbi’s focus on her social media career. She was fascinated by fame and became a celebrity overnight.

She probably stopped focusing on her marriage and refused to quit her online career. Bobbi published an Instagram post, explaining that she is sad that her relationship with her husband is ending, but she is grateful for their time together.

The couple presented documents confirming that they will share joint custody over their two daughters, Luca and Isla, who are three and 19 months old, respectively.

Wrap Up

Bobbi Althoff is a young TikTok personality who was born in 1997. She started her online career by posting motherhood-related content to talk about her pregnancy journey. She soon became popular on the platform but decided to go differently.

She started a new account and began to interview celebrities. Despite her online success, her relationship was struggling. She eventually filed for a divorce in 2024.

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