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Books to Read on a Long Journey

by Maria L. Searle
books to read on a long journey

As a frequent traveler and full-time digital nomad, I’ve flown tens of thousands of miles over the past few years. I spend a lot of time thinking about what book to choose for plane rides. The last thing you want when you’re stuck in a plane for hours on end, especially when there’s no Wi-Fi, is to be trudging through a slow read. You want a book that’s a page-turner, and keeps you interested the entire way through.

Need a few recommendations for your next trip? We’re here to help. Here are books for travel that will be interesting to read even for 8 or 12 hours straight. If you think that we will talk about what is considered a long book to read, then this is not so. Our goal is books with a fascinating plot that simply draw us in and even a long flight will be a pleasant pastime.

What Should I Read on a Long Flight?

1. The Blind Owl by Sadegh Hedayat

The greatest masterpiece of contemporary Iranian literature comes from a writer whose admiration for Edgar Allan Poe inspired a work that surpasses Poe’s own achievements. It stands alone as the only first-person novel that delivers an utterly convincing and chilling portrayal of profound psychosis through the eyes of a mad narrator. Reading this book is an intense experience, one that you will need to recover from gradually, and the best place to do so is in a quiet room upstairs where you can hear the gentle murmuring of a nearby mountain stream.

2. Home by Seven by Steph Jeavons

Most of us board a plane to travel for leisure, to explore new places, and to seek adventures. But have you ever thought about traveling in a different way? Imagine packing up a vehicle and setting off over the horizon, all by yourself.

That’s exactly what Steph Jeavons did. After making some mistakes in her teenage years that landed her in prison before the age of 20, she vowed to make the most of her freedom once released. And she kept that promise. She acquired a motorcycle and embarked on a solo journey to explore the world.

If you are running out of time to buy a book, you always have access to the story-reading app and your phone at hand. For example, you can install FictionMe – a novel app with a large library and all the necessary functions for comfortable reading. You can read alpha love stories on FictionMe, biography, detective story or anything else. This does not require any additional preparation other than installing the application, but this only takes 1 minute.

3. Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang: The Magical Car by Ian Fleming

When we think about cars in literature, few are as legendary as Ian Fleming’s Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang (1964). You might recognize the name from the popular film adaptation released in 1968, a few years after Fleming’s enchanting children’s book hit the shelves.

The story follows inventor Caratacus Pott, who transforms an old racing car into something extraordinary, naming it Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang because of the unique sounds it makes. As the novel unfolds, this remarkable car appears to possess a mind of its own—it unexpectedly grows wings and takes flight at will. Time and again, Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang comes to the rescue, saving the Pott family from a traffic jam, an incoming tide, and even dangerous gangsters. Who wouldn’t dream of taking this fantastical car for a joyride?

4. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” is not just a classic; it’s a cornerstone of English literature. You can get acquainted with the work right now in FictionMe – Apps on Google Play or App Store. Originally published in 1813, this timeless novel blends romance with sharp satire, maintaining its popularity over centuries.

At the heart of the story is Elizabeth Bennet, a compelling protagonist whose journey we follow as she and her four sisters navigate the pressures to marry well. Their mother is particularly eager for them to secure wealthy and socially advantageous matches. Among their many suitors is Mr. Darcy, who initially comes off as prideful and distant, leading Elizabeth to dismiss him outright. However, as the story unfolds, she discovers there is much more to Mr. Darcy than meets the eye, challenging her initial perceptions and prejudices.

5. Ali and Nino By Kurban Said

While browsing a bookstore in Georgia, I stumbled upon “Ali and Nino” in the ‘Caucasus’ section. Intrigued, I bought it on a whim, unaware of the enigmatic story behind its creation. First published in the 1930s under the pseudonym Kurban Said, the true authorship of this book remains a topic of debate. Initially credited to an Austrian baroness, recent evidence suggests it might have been penned by Lev Nussimbaum, who grew up in Baku.

Set in the early 20th century, “Ali and Nino” tells the poignant love story of Ali, a Muslim Azerbaijani boy, and Nino, a Christian Georgian girl. Their relationship faces numerous challenges, from religious differences to cultural divides and the Soviet invasion of Azerbaijan. Spanning across Dagestan, Azerbaijan, and Georgia, this novel provides an intimate look into life in the Caucasus region. The narrative left a lasting impression on me, highlighting the cyclical nature of history.


I hope one of these books has caught your interest and that your upcoming flight is incredibly smooth! Whichever book you decide to bring on board, I’m confident it will keep you entertained throughout the journey. Got more flight-friendly book suggestions? Share them in the comments below!

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