Home Personality Breckie Hill Age: A lip-sync to Doja Cat’s “Get Into It (Yuh)” arguably catapulted her to fame. How old is the TikTok star known as Olivia Dunne’s arch enemy?

Breckie Hill Age: A lip-sync to Doja Cat’s “Get Into It (Yuh)” arguably catapulted her to fame. How old is the TikTok star known as Olivia Dunne’s arch enemy?

by Maria L. Searle
Breckie Hill Age

If you’re an avid TikTok user, you’ve likely stumbled upon one of Breckie Hill’s posts.

Though she has just under 4 million followers, most of her videos amass well over 1 million views each. But who’s the person behind the viral lip-sync and dance videos?

This article discusses Breckie Hill’s age, childhood, rise to fame, and everything else.

How Old Is Breckie Hill?

How Old Is Breckie Hill

Breckie Hill was born on April 18, 2003. As of 2024, she’s 21 years old.

Breckie celebrated her 21st birthday in Las Vegas, Nevada, spending time in casinos and hanging out with friends at a resort.

She posted pictures of her birthday adventures on Instagram, garnering nearly 300,000 likes and 1,500+ comments, most wishing her a happy birthday.

What’s Breckie Hill’s Childhood Like? 

Breckie Hill’s Childhood

Breckie Hill doesn’t share much of her childhood online. She attended Edina High School and was a member of the cheerleading squad. After graduation, she attended Gustavus Adolphus College. She has yet to reveal her course/major.

Breckie Hill comes from a well-established upper-middle-class family. However, she never shared her parent’s or siblings’ names (or if she even had siblings). She was born in Edina, Minnesota, but currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Breckie Hill’s Rise to Fame

Breckie Hill regularly posts content on TikTok and Instagram.

Most of her posts feature her dancing, lip-syncing to viral music, and sharing brief snippets of her life. Her videos receive an average of 1 to 5 million views each, with some of her more viral videos reaching over 6.5 million.

One of Breckie’s most popular TikTok videos—and the one that arguably catapulted her to where she is today—was a lip-sync of Doja Cat’s “Get Into It (Yuh).” It amassed over 2 million views within a few weeks.

Does Breckie Have a Boyfriend? 


Image source: Instagram

Breckie Hill’s relationship status is carefully kept under wraps.

She’s posted several pictures and videos of her hugging or kissing various men, but she’s never claimed to be in a relationship. Most images are for aesthetic purposes or to promote her brand, leaving her followers guessing about her romantic life.

Some of her more dedicated followers have linked her to personalities like Connor Bedard, a Canadian professional hockey player, and Paul Skenes, an American professional baseball pitcher.

Fans are particularly convinced of the latter, as she was seen wearing Paul Skenes’s baseball shirt on more than one occasion. However, Breckie has neither confirmed nor denied these rumors.

The topic of Breckie’s love life died down until February 2024, when she kissed Twitch Streamer Nicholas Stewart (Jynxzi) on the cheek and later on the lips.

Many viewers questioned whether the duo were together or if it was all part of their streaming dynamic. However, it was later revealed that Breckie and Jynxzi were indeed dating. Breckie and Jynxzi have continued to collaborate regularly since then.


Olivia Dunne

Image source: Instagram

As with any famous TikTok star, Breckie isn’t immune to controversies.

In August 2023, Breckie posted a TikTok short of her wearing a Pittsburgh Pirates jersey with the caption “Paul Skenes [heart emoji].”

Breckie didn’t say anything on the video, simply mouthing a line from the TV show The Summer I Turned Pretty: “This is 100 percent your look, Connie baby.”

From an outsider’s perspective, the video appears to be an innocent lip-syncing video.

However, her followers—and, by extension, Livvy Dunne’s—quickly pointed out that Breckie was wearing Skenes’s Pittsburgh Pirates jersey. Livvy Dunne was dating Paul Skenes then, so the video felt especially malicious.

Many interpreted Breckie’s post as an attempt to stir up drama or hint at a romantic connection with Skenes, leading to speculation about a potential affair behind the scenes.

Breckie also made a video that looked like a jab at Livvy Dunne’s career as a gymnast. In the video, Breckie was driving a purple Lamborghini Urus when she was “pulled over” by TikTok star Daniel Mac, asking her, “What do you do for a living?”

Without hesitation, Breckie claimed that she was a Division 1 gymnast at LSU. She then drives off and shouts, seemingly sarcastically, “Go Tigers!”

The video sparked controversy and accusations of Breckie mocking Livvy and her accomplishments. Some fans have suggested that the video indicates Breckie’s jealousy towards Livvy’s success as one of the highest-paid female athletes in the NCAA. Livvy has more followers than Breckie, with 8 million compared to Breckie’s 3.6 million.

According to fans, the “feud” between the two TikTok stars started when Livvy’s followers stated they physically resemble each other, and that’s part of why Breckie became so popular.

That didn’t sit well with Breckie. In a response video, she called Livvy a B-word and said that she would slap her if given the chance. She also claimed that everyone who has met Livvy said she was “so mean in person.”

Outside the Livvy drama, another notable scandal in Breckie’s career was when a video of her showering was leaked to the public. The video was immediately taken down, with Breckie claiming that an ex-boyfriend released it without her consent.

What Is Breckie Hill’s Net Worth? 

Breckie Hill’s Net Worth

According to Medium, Breckie Hill’s net worth is approximately $600,000.

Most of her income comes from TikTok, brand deals like BoutineLA and Cameeli Activewear, collaborations with Rachel Brockman and Jynxzi, and OnlyFans.

She owns several vehicles, including a purple Lamborghini Urus that costs around $260,000.


Breckie Hill is a famous social media influencer known for her posts on TikTok and Instagram.

She gained fame for engaging content, which often includes lip-syncing videos, dancing videos, and collaborations with other influencers.

She has over 3.6 million followers on TikTok and 2 million on Instagram.

As of 2024, she’s 21 years old.

Images source: Instagram

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