Home Personality Carolyn Chambers: The stunning lady who captured heart of star footballer in his NFL days

Carolyn Chambers: The stunning lady who captured heart of star footballer in his NFL days

by Maria L. Searle
Carolyn Chambers The stunning lady

We can’t deny that the wives of famous people ride the wave of their husbands’ popularity. Think about it. Most people knew Georgina Rodríguez after she married Christiano Ronaldo.

Not many of them have had a celebrated life outside their marriage. That’s what makes Carolyn Chambers unique.

If you don’t know much about Chambers, you came to the right place. Today, I explore her early life, career, marriage, and more.

Carolyn Chambers’s Biography

Although most people know her as Deion Sanders’s ex-wife, Carolyn Chambers had a celebrated life outside her marriage. She’s a model, an author, and a social media influencer.

Born in the early seventies, she grew up in Texas with her parents and sister, Sherri Nicholsen. Although she was born in the U.S., Chambers stated she identifies as an African American. 

We don’t know where Chambers went to school, but we know she attended one of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the U.S. Being a determined student, she got a Master’s in Business Administration and Tax Specialization.

Carolyn Chambers’s Career

Carolyn Chambers’s Career

Chambers is a jack of all trades. She broke into various fields throughout her career, like real estate and stocks.

Currently, though, she’s a notary signing agent, handling loan documents and ensuring their validity. Chambers’s achievements aren’t exclusive to the corporate world, though.

Despite not being an established author, she managed to write a relatable book with a sprinkle of reality, intrigue, and drama. “Sins, Secrets, and Success” is an emotional rollercoaster that tackles the temptations and uncertainties people face in their lives.

Chambers has done a lot outside her commercial work. She founded a non-profit organization to give back to her community. She’s also a famous philanthropist who donates money and time to worthy causes.

Carolyn Chambers’s Former Husband

Carolyn Chambers’s ex-husband is Deion Luwynn, aka Prime Time. Luwynn has an impressive history in the sports world. Not only is he an NFL Hall of Famer, but he also won the super bowl twice throughout his career.

What sets Luwynn apart from most players, though, is his innate athletic sense. He’s one of the few players who found great success in two sports.

Yes, after quitting football, he became an outfielder for the Atlanta Braves and New York Yankees. With his incredible speed, Luwynn was a dominant force in the baseball world.

After an eventful career, he decided to start fostering the next generation of athletes. So he became a coach at the University of Colorado Boulder and Jackson States University.

Carolyn Chambers’s Marriage

Carolyn Chambers’s Marriage

Chambers and Luwynn met in 1988, quickly hit it off, and started dating. As the relationship evolved, they decided to get married in September 1989. Despite being able to afford a lavish wedding, they chose to hold a private ceremony with their close family members and friends.

Everything seemed to be going great for the happy couple; they almost had a long marriage, enjoyed a luxurious life, and even had two kids, Deiondra and Deion Sanders Jr.

That’s why everyone was surprised when they announced their divorce in 1998. Chambers and Luwynn kept the details of their divorce private. So, to this day, we don’t know why they split.

Both have attributed the reason to unresolved issues, but they never told us what these issues are.

Carolyn Chambers On Social Media

As a social media influencer, Chambers was an active Instagram user. She used it to market her business, document family gatherings, and share gym workouts.

Despite having a large following of +9000 followers, Chambers hasn’t updated her Instagram account in a while. We don’t know why.

Where Is Carolyn Chambers?

Where Is Carolyn Chambers

Chambers is now enjoying life with her new husband, former NBA player Erick Strickland. Besides a few pictures on her Instagram account, she rarely shares information about her marriage to the public. So we don’t know much about the relationship.

Carolyn Chambers’s Net Worth

As a successful real estate broker, financial planner, tax specialist, and author, Chambers has a net worth of $1 million.

Wrapping Up

Outside her marriage to Deion Luwynn, Carolyn Chambers found great success in various endeavors of her life.

After acquiring her Master’s Degree, she went on to become a successful real estate agent, stockbroker, notary signing agent, and author.

Although her marriage to Luwynn didn’t work, she now lives happily with Erick Strickland in the privacy of their home.

Image source: Instagram

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