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Dwayne Carter III: Son of Iconic Rapper Lil Wayne, Part of a Blended Family with Three Half-Siblings

by Maria L. Searle
Dwayne Carter III

Lil Wayne is one of the industry’s most influential artists in the hip-hop world, with many considering him one of the GOATs (greatest of all time) of the rap scene.

It’s only natural that fans develop curiosity and his personal life, especially since he keeps it on the down low!

Today’s article sheds light on one of Lil Wayne’s children, Dwayne Carter III, from his mother to his musical talent.

Who Is Dwayne Carter III?

Dwayne Carter III

Dwayne Carter III is the son of the popular American rapper, songwriter, and singer Lil Wayne.

Lil Wayne is a stage name; the rapper’s real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., born on the 27th of September 1982 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Lil Wayne started his career at the young age of 11 when he got signed by Cash Money, rapper Birdman’s record label. His collaboration with the label resulted in multiple albums, including The Carter series, which are regarded as some of his best works.

To date, Lil Wayne’s record sales have passed the 200 million mark with an award arsenal of 5 Grammys, 4 Billboard Music Awards, 8 NAACP Image Awards, and 11 BET Awards.

Lil Wayne’s son Dwayne Carter III shares his father’s love for music. He’s his own person who doesn’t appear much in public, although he enjoys attending music concerts and occasionally poses for pictures with famous artists such as Chris Brown.

How Old Is Dwayne Carter III?

Dwayne Carter III

Dwayne Carter III, named in succession to Dwayne Michael Carter Jr “Lil Wayne”., was born on the 22nd of October in 2008. His birthplace is Ohio and his ethnicity is African American.

Dwayne Carter III’s nationality is American and he’s raised Christian. According to his birthday, Dwayne Carter III’s zodiac sign is Libra and he’s 15 years old as of 2023.

Similar to his father, Dwayne Carter III has a stage nickname, known as Lil Tune.

For most of his life, Dwayne Carter III’s mother and father have kept him away from the spotlight of paparazzi. There are only a handful of images of him snapped throughout his childhood.

Who Is Dwayne Carter III’s Mother?

Dwayne Carter III's Mother

Dwayne Carter III’s mother is one of his biggest supporters along with his father Lil Wayne. Her name is Sarah Vinn, a radio personality and fashionista.

She’s American and she’s worked with several esteemed radio stations such as iHeartMedia, Streetz 94.5, and most recently Sirius XM. Sarah has previously disclosed that Lil Wayne is always supportive of her radio career and general interests.

Sarah is also passionate about giving back and helping others. She’s a board member of The Love Project 404; a non-profit organization.

Sarah Vinn was born in 1987 in Cincinnati, Ohio. This makes her 36 years old as of 2023.

There isn’t much information available about the early years of Sarah Vinn. She has two siblings and graduated from the Atlanta Broadcasting Institute after attending the University of Cincinnati to major in fashion.

How Did Lil Wayne and Sarah Vinn Meet?

Lil Wayne and Sarah Vinn met at an after-party following one of the rapper’s concerts that took place in Cincinnati. This first meeting happened in 2006, which means Sarah was 19 and Wayne was 24.

Sarah was already a big fan of Lil Wayne, and the couple hit it off right away. They started dating soon after and were together for about 2 years before their son Dwayne Carter III was born.

Are Dwayne Carter III’s Mother and Lil Wayne Still Together?

Lauren London

Lauren London with Nipsey Hussle  Image source: Google

Although the couple dated for a couple of years, they eventually split up just as quietly as they’d kept their relationship throughout its course.

The couple didn’t know they were expecting before breaking up, but they were ecstatic when they found out and agreed to maintain a positive, friendly relationship to ensure the well-being of their baby. 

Lil Wayne announced the news of his upcoming fatherhood in 2008 at the BET Hip-Hop Awards ceremony. At the time, he didn’t disclose the identity of the mother.

Lil Wayne and Sarah agreed on joint custody, allowing the popular rapper to spend plenty of time with his son.

Does Dwayne Carter III Have Siblings?


Lil Wayne and Sarah Vinn didn’t have any other kids together, so Dwayne Carter III doesn’t have full siblings.

He does, however, have 3 half-siblings. Dwayne Carter III is the 2nd child of Lil Wayne, meaning he has an older half-sibling and two younger half-siblings.

His older half-sibling and Lil Wayne’s eldest child is a girl named Reginae Carter. She was born on the 29th of November 1998, and her mother is Antonia Wright.

Antonia, nicknamed Toya, was Lil Wayne’s high school sweetheart. She appeared in various reality shows and has multiple singles out.

The third child is Neal Carter, born on the 9th of September 2009. His mother is American actress Lauren Nicole London.

Lil Wayne’s youngest child is Cameron Carter (nicknamed Meatball), born on the 30th of November 2009. Meatball’s mother is Nivea Hamilton, an American R&B singer.

How Old Was Lil Wayne When He Had His Son?

Lil Wayne

Dwayne Carter III was born in October 2008, which makes Lil Wayne 26 when his son was born.

Does Dwayne Carter III Rap?

Despite his young age, Dwayne Carter III is passionate about music and wishes to follow in his father’s footsteps. 

He gave the world a taste of his rap skills when he featured in one of Lil Wayne’s songs called FI4m3$ in his 2020 No Ceilings mixtape.

How Is Dwayne Carter III’s Relationship With His Father?

Dwayne Carter III shares a great relationship with his superstar father. They spend lots of quality time together and always see each other during holidays and special occasions.

Images source: Instagram

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