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Exploring the Benefits of Cam to Cam Video Chats

by Maria L. Searle
exploring the benefits of cam to cam video chats

Many online articles about cam-to-cam video chats merely skim over their benefits, failing to provide in-depth explanations. They juggle the same copy-pasted lists of benefits and are skin-deep in their analysis, i.e., seldom explore any of the points beyond the surface.

However, we’d like to give you an alternative – a comprehensive review of the most essential benefits that modern cam-to-cam video chats provide.

What Sets Cam to Cam Video Chats Apart?

Just a couple of decades ago, technologies could only allow people to chat in real-time via voice or text messaging. The effectiveness of such communication was low, and the chemistry was not right.

It’s always hard to convey what you want to say in writing, as some people prefer long texts, while others like them short and clear. Your partner could have easily misunderstood or even completely missed out on your true emotions or intentions. This was as far from natural, live communication as it could possibly be.

Therefore, as soon as technologies allowed transmitting high-quality video signals over the Internet, humanity immediately took advantage of it. Modern face-to-face conversations over the digital medium combine the perks of natural communication with the revolutionary advantages of information technologies – visual contact in real time over long distances.

Out of all the advantages of cam-to-cam video chats, the following five stand out:

  • authenticity;
  • immediate chemistry check;
  • fun and engaging;
  • confidence building;
  • cultural exchange.

Let’s explore each one of them in depth.

1. Authenticity

When texting, one can get fooled by a smart AI algorithm or application. The sophistication of modern technology has reached a point where it can convincingly mimic human interaction, often making people believe they are conversing with another human!

However, video chats don’t have this problem. At least not yet. Counter-AI applications can effectively filter out robots and bots in conversations, emerging as a good safeguard against wasting one’s time talking to a non-sentient entity. To be fair, we can also easily tell if our video chat partner is not a real human.

That said, all conversations via live cams are authentic and provide a genuine human interaction experience.

2. Immediate Chemistry Check

We are visual creatures. Our eyes are immensely more complex than our ears or other sensory organs. Of all the information that our brain consumes and digests, the visual one constitutes a whopping 90%.

Little is left to wonder why we prefer visual communication over textual or voice-only. This is especially true for dating sites, where seeing a partner in real-time enables an immediate chemistry check. This is also called non-verbal communication, and each one of us is very good at it, perhaps even more than we realize.

So, if you like a person you see, you’ll know that straight away. Actually, the decision of whether a person can be your potential dating partner is ready in your mind within the first 3-5 seconds of your visual contact. That’s how effective face-to-face video chats function.

3. Fun and Engaging Conversations

Innovative dating platforms, such as CooMeet, have taken the cam to cam chat experience to the next level. They’ve introduced the element of chance into their software algorithms, where each new person a customer meets is randomly selected from a pool of hundreds of thousands of other users.

This technology is also called a chatroulette. It enables meeting cute girls from around the world, from different countries and continents. Every conversation becomes fun and engaging, and it’s almost like playing a cool computer game with random participants.

If the chemistry clicks just right between you and a serendipitously selected girl, you can add her to your friends list and continue chatting with her in a private room.

4. Confidence Building

Cam-to-cam encounters help to establish an immediate emotional connection. Practicing them over and over again is a good confidence-building exercise.

The two people involved in a conversation get instant feedback on their actions, mimics, words, gestures, and so on. Whereas, as we know, feedback has a nickname for being a “breakfast for champions” – it helps oneself to improve. By hearing and observing the reactions of other people, you can instantly know what you can do better next time.

In the context of repetitive face-to-face video chats, this contributes to building one’s confidence. With each new live conversation, your experience grows along with your self-esteem.

5. Cultural Exchange

Besides confidence growth, cam-to-cam video sessions facilitate cultural exchange and widen our world outlook. There is so much new you can learn when talking to strangers. So many interesting and authentic stories about one’s culture and life can be shared and heard. No geography books or guides could possibly give you that many vibrant and captivating details.

By the way, here is a quick clue on starting and developing a conversation with a person you like. When in a video chat, ask questions about social life, entertainment, marketplaces, events, and the like, which the person might’ve lately visited or is planning to visit soon. The conversation will develop, and you can share the same cultural things on your behalf.

That’s how lasting relationships start – the right chemistry plus a mutually interesting and enlightening talk.


As we have seen, there is so much more to live cam-to-cam video chats than a simple visual aspect.

They enable effective and almost immediate chemistry checks, helping us quickly determine if we are genuinely interested in the person we see. Cam-to-cam video chats make it easy for us to do this and bring elements of fun and engagement to our conversations. The random selection of participants means we never get bored, as there are always new contacts to explore.

As we meet people from various countries and cultures, we enlighten ourselves with new knowledge and understanding of others. That same cultural exchange serves as a metaphorical bridge to meaningful and lasting romantic relationships.

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