Generation Share

Generation Share is a game-changing book that takes readers on a journey around the globe to meet the changemakers who are transforming lives by sharing resources. Dubbed the ‘Big Yellow Book of Hope’ Generation Share demonstrates the power of sharing to alleviate poverty, reduce loneliness and protect the planet.  Through stunning photography, social commentary and interviews with 200 change-makers worldwide, Generation Share showcases extraordinary stories. From the woman transforming the lives of slum girls in India, to the UK innovator who has started a food sharing revolution; you’ll discover the creators of a life-saving human milk bank, a trust cafe and a fashion library who are changing the world.

A collaboration between speaker, changemaker and global social change expert, our Chief Sharer Benita Matofska and photographer with purpose Sophie Sheinwald, Generation Share includes the largest collection of  changemaker case studies with over 200 interviews and photographs of people and their pioneering projects from more than 30 countries including: India, Egypt, Columbia, Mexico, Kenya, Nigeria, Barbados, Morocco, Israel, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, UK, Australia, Portugal, Brazil, South Korea, Greece and Russia. 

Give the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Generation Share has been dubbed 'the big yellow book of hope' and is inspiring people worldwide. Made from 100% waste materials, each copy sold, plants a tree and educates a slum-based girl in India, helping to share the love and inspire more sharing with every purchase.  Why not give the gift that keeps on giving? Thanks to Generation Share, Aarti Naik, founder of  Sakhi School for slum-based girls is planning to open a new slum school  for girls in 2021.  Help us to change lives and get your copy here.

The Generation Share Story

The term Generation Share was first coined by international speaker, changemaker and Chief Sharer, Benita Matofska in 2011. It referred to the early adopters of the Sharing phenomenon. You can read more about the background to Generation Share, including photos and videos of the first trip for the book to Portugal in 2016

Benita and Sophie ran a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for the Generation Share travel costs. Travel was completed in 2018 and this incredible book was published in June 2019 for Global Sharing Week by non-profit publishers Policy Press (an imprint of Bristol University Press) who bring books of social impact to readers worldwide. Printed sustainably from 100% waste materials, each copy of Generation Share sold plants a tree and educates a slum-based girl in India, helping to share the love and inspire more sharing with every copy. 

During the Covid-19 crisis, Generation Share has been voted as Forbes top isolation read for a positive future, with book sales helping to support slum-based girls in India during the pandemic. For some inspiration whilst staying safe at home and to help those in need, you can purchase your copy here. 

Generation Share: Changemakers Digital World Tour 2021

2021 brings the exciting Generation Share Changemakers Digital World Tour, making this ground-breaking  book and movement accessible to all online. Each month, will focus on changemaking in a different country or region, bringing inspiring speakers and stories from the Generation Share book and uncovering new pioneers.  This series of dynamic, participatory, impactful, free online events, will showcase and connect social innovators and changemakers from around the globe and create a global Map of Hope. Check out our Generation Share Changemakers Digital World Tour page for dates and tickets. 

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Generation Share: Bringing hope to the world.

Generation Share World Tour 2019

June 17th, 2019, Global Sharing Week saw the start of the Generation Share World Tour, which attracted  over 2,000 people to 28 launch events worldwide. Locations included: London, Brighton, Manchester, Cardiff, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Paris, Lisbon, Barcelona, Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco and Mumbai.