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How Technology Affects the Entertainment Industry?

by Maria L. Searle
How Technology Affects the Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry has undergone massive changes in the past few decades, primarily driven by technological advances. From how content is produced and distributed to how consumers access and experience entertainment, the digital revolution has disrupted traditional business models and created new opportunities across various fields of the vast industry.

Technology has become so integral for the overall entertainment market that it is practically implemented everywhere to some degree. From enhancing and keeping older fields alive to introducing new ones, we can’t start measuring its vast impact.

In this guide, we will review the shifts in certain markets, from the consumer to the manufacturer/creator side.

Artistic Benefits and Potential Cons

Let us tackle visual entertainment mediums first. Of course, visual mediums are only some of what art encompasses, but let us start first from this point. When a person hears the word art, a book may come to mind, or we are talking about technology, films, or TV shows.

Throughout the decade-long history of cinema, visuals, budget, and a growing interest in films have skyrocketed the medium to incredible heights. However, many times, a creative idea from a script or an adaptation from the book could have been improved by the need for more means to translate an idea onto the big screens.

Despite this limit from the filmmaker’s side, the many documented creative workarounds, through practical effects or other means, are highly impressive. Nowadays, we still have an alternative tool called computer-generated imagery (CGI). Most film critics tend to agree that the early 2000s was somewhat of a breakpoint where the quality of the said technology skyrocketed.

With iconic films such as the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Matrix films, and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, it is easy to see why this is an argument point. Creating massive-scale worlds with incredible action set pieces is achievable with just practical effects, though reserved implementations of CGI can undoubtedly bolster the visuals.

Once again, the films listed are perfect examples, as creatures such as the Balrog or Davy Jones hold up visually even after decades. What is essential to address, however, is the fact that they tried to distribute the practical and CGI-based visuals uniquely. Multiple creators attempted to reduce the use of CGI to maintain a natural look in the film.

This concept is lost slowly over time, however. Big studios rush out as many projects as possible, not giving directors or animators enough time to implement practical sets or polish up the CGI. Of course, the solution would be intuitive: granting enough time, looking back at the past, and using CGI with more balance to hopefully recapture the same magic.

As mentioned above, art is more than just a visual medium, and despite the current discussions about the quality of mainstream modern music, producing it has always been challenging for amateur, aspiring artists.

Digital audio workstations, synthesizers, samplers, and other tech have transformed the process of writing, recording, editing, and producing songs. Artists can now record studio-quality tracks at home with a computer, interface, and microphone. Amateur musicians have new creative tools for experimenting and learning music production.

Exploring Technology Through the iGaming Industry

How can we not talk about the multifaceted iGaming industry, including many closely intertwined fields with the progression of technology? For starters, improved hardware has not only allowed video games to improve on traditional platforms, such as PCs or consoles, but they have also introduced alternative technological equipment, offering unique experiences.

An example would be VR, a virtual reality headset that allows for more immersive experiences in single-player and multiplayer modes. This experience is so immersive that many psychologists use these headsets for phobia treatments, with users challenging and overcoming their biggest fears and coming out the other side as improved individuals.

Since we mentioned the multifaceted nature of the entertainment industry, we can discuss a field that may not necessarily come to mind when talking about iGaming: gambling. The basic implementations of online platforms have done an incredible job at keeping this industry alive and growing, even today.

The gambling industry is trying to keep up with modern technological trends, implementing them into their systems on a massive scale, from the digitalized versions of iconic games to partnering up with cryptocurrency companies for more exposure and a more remarkable customer experience. Even sports betting is affected by this technological revolution.

Nowadays, we can find online platforms that offer multiple bonuses, rewards, and promotions to their users. These platforms integrate both sports and gambling activities, featuring distinct bonuses for each aspect of betting, allocated towards crypto users, sports enthusiasts, as well as casino gamers.

At Bovada casino and sports betting, players can access various types of promotions, not only based on their preferences but also on activities that they engage in on the platform. And of course, thanks to technological progress, they can choose from a vast game catalog, which is accessible from a mobile app, as well as desktop devices.

Consumer Experience

In addition to everything listed above, we have more pieces of technology designed to make the lives of consumers and tech users more comfortable. With the rapid developments in AI (Artificial Intelligence), accessing a browser means accessing various tools that may help with minuscule and slightly more challenging tasks.

AI software can perform various tasks for a user and essentially act as an improved search engine that can quickly gather relevant information that a user may require for different reasons. As this technology progresses further, more and more doors will open up with their capabilities, and while some may lead to concern and controversial discussions, proper use of AI can be extremely helpful.

Overall, technology has enabled more customizable, on-demand entertainment. Users have far more choice over what, when, and how they consume content.

Featured image source: Movieweb

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