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How To Find Out That You Have Already Met In A Past Life?

by Maria L. Searle
How to find out that you have already met in a past life

In this world, we meet a large number of people. Some of these people are strangers to us, while others we have interacted with previously in another lifetime.

In your current life, souls from your inner circle of past lives will be more significant than others.

These are the people that your soul considers important because we have shared karmic experiences with them. Some are here to help us, and others to push us, but they always provide opportunities for personal development.

As we journey through life together, we all develop and learn to connect on a deeper spiritual level. Psychic advisors from the nebula are ready to help with this, revealing past life secrets and how they can affect today.

12 methods to identify people who were in your previous lifetimes

Here are some signs that you may have reconnected with someone from your past lives. If you recognize them from previous meetings, show appreciation and value the lessons learned together. Time is precious and we often have limited opportunities to be together before being reunited again.

1. When you first encountered this person, it seemed like you had already crossed paths with him at some point.

Even if you have just met this person, you feel that you understand him deeply, as if you have known him for a long time. The connection between you is genuine, and you can recognize them almost immediately, sometimes right from the start.

2. You have an instant connection.

You are both attracted to each other. There is a strong connection between you right from the start. You understand each other well.

3. This person naturally makes you feel positive.

This person brings a lot of positivity into your life and is a source of good feelings. Together, you support and uplift each other.

4. You two have a better relationship than anyone else.

You and this person rarely disagree and have a good relationship because you resolved all potential problems before coming to this planet.

5. You feel like this person understands you.

You feel that this person understands you. They see your true self, not just your appearance, and can perceive your true essence.

6. You show great patience with this person.

You both show a lot of patience with each other. Although there may be times when you irritate each other, you can overcome it. It is easier to maintain patience in relationships built on acquaintance.

7. Time seems to slip away when you two spend time together.

Being with this person makes time feel like it’s moving incredibly fast. Each second seems to stretch into a minute, and every minute feels like an hour. Before you realize it, the entire day has passed.

8. This person offers a wider viewpoint on matters.

This person knows how to draw your attention to important things. In times of confusion or uncertainty, they bring clarity and help you see a broader perspective.

Their guidance and wisdom contribute greatly to your growth and experience. But if you are still looking for this soul mate, then psychic chat online can answer all your questions, where everyone can also get good advice.

9. This person motivates you to strive for excellence.

This person motivates you to improve and truly wants your success. With their support, you can achieve significant personal growth.

10. You completely trust this person.

This is the person you trust and rely on. You both were in harmony from the very beginning. Such a strong connection is rare.

11. There are not many obstacles and difficulties in communicating with this person.

This person doesn’t cause many problems. You have a good relationship with them. Although differences may arise from time to time, overall, you both have a positive impact on each other.

12. You both can predict each other’s thoughts.

It seems like you two have a strong ability to understand each other without saying a word. You can easily understand each other’s thoughts and feelings when you’re together.


Meeting a soul from a past life can be a significant and impactful experience. The wisdom and spiritual connections you have will lead to personal growth for both people, so the wait for this reunion will be worth it.

And with online psychic chat, you can discover and learn more about meeting a soul from the past. Advice from an experienced psychic becomes in good hands.

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