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What Do Husbands Want? 20 Husband Expectations From Wife

by Maria L. Searle
husband expectations from wife

Have you ever thought about what your husband might be expecting from you?

If you’re like me, you’ll be surprised by what you find. Of course, you can easily guess some of his expectations, but your husband thinks of much more; trust me!

Want to know more? Keep reading! This article lists 20 qualities most husbands expect from their wives.

1. Honesty

Honesty is the first thing a husband expects from his wife. A successful marriage should be built on mutual honesty.

If you want a happy marriage that lasts forever, avoid secrets and lies. That rule should apply to every aspect of your married life.

2. Fidelity

Fidelity or faithfulness is a basic quality that a husband expects from his wife. In fact, it’s rather expected from every partner in all relationships.

It entails resisting any strong temptation. Even in times of adversity, a wife is expected to be faithful to her husband.

3. Respect

Among the most important things a husband expects from his wife is respect. Your husband expects you to respect him for what he does and think highly of him.

Show your husband your respect by telling him so on every occasion. Speak well about him with friends and family, and above all, in front of your kids.

4. Maturity

When men get married, they seek stability and maturity. Husbands expect a mature relationship with their wives.

Men usually get married to make a stable home without childish fights and crazy jealousy. Therefore, try to rise to the occasion and overcome your insecurities to give him a happy home.

5. Support

Your husband, like most men, usually has to take important decisions. Whether these decisions are for work or family matters, he expects your full support.

He also expects you to stand by him when life puts him down. Believe me, if he feels that you believe in him, he’ll do anything for you.

6. Commitment

This is one of the obvious expectations. After all, marriage is a commitment. The strength of this commitment makes your home peaceful and your marriage safe.

Commitment means that you don’t threaten to jump ship at any time. Don’t ever put divorce on the table. Your husband needs to be constantly reassured that you’re committed to making the marriage work.

7. Appreciation for the Little Things

No matter how small what he does is, show your appreciation. Give him compliments regularly, such as “thank you for taking the trash” or “I think you’re the best husband for doing this or that.”

Compliments can be a lot more effective if you say them in front of your kids or family. When your husband feels appreciated, he’ll move mountains for you.

8. Understanding

A wife should be understanding. Try to give your husband the benefit of the doubt whenever he has no time for you. An understanding wife makes a peaceful home.

You can be his source of strength and support in the hardest of times. Thus, try to understand the situation before getting upset

9. Love and Affection

Show your husband your love and affection. No matter how old your husband gets, he’s still a baby that needs to be hugged and kissed constantly.

Welcome him affectionately when he arrives home. Always make him feel loved and accepted. Moreover, don’t hesitate to show him your affection in public; some men like that.

10. Health and Fitness

Your husband expects you to be healthy and fit to be able to care for yourself and your home.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get sick. Simply, try not to lose control of your health and fitness. Eat well and exercise to keep yourself and your husband happy.

11. Independence

Even if he’s a super dependable person, he still expects you to be independent. Men don’t appreciate having to do everything for their wives.

The catch here is to find a balance between your independence and making your husband feel needed. Men don’t like it when their wives don’t need them at all.

12. Being a Good Mother

Choosing the right wife is the first gift a man gives to his children. Therefore, he expects his wife to be the best mother she can be.

Whether you’re a housewife or a soccer mom, he still expects you to be there for the kids at all times. He’ll never appreciate seeing you neglecting the little ones physically or emotionally.

13. Friendship

Yes, you got that right!

Your husband expects you to be his best friend. He wants you to be his companion in new adventures, and to make memories with you.

Believe me, this is a recipe for a long-lasting marriage. If you can be friends, you’ll have no secrets and enjoy a strong bond of trust and loyalty.

14. Beauty

Yes, he wants you with all the abilities of a typical housewife without forsaking your beauty. Don’t ever let your responsibilities take over your self-care.

You have to take care of yourself and look beautiful. Invest in your hair or skin routine. Your husband will always notice if you let go of your beauty.

15. Housewife Abilities

No matter how open-minded your husband is, he still holds on to the traditional image of a wife. In other words, he expects you to be a good housewife.

These abilities entail being good with finances, cooking, cleaning, etc. Typically, husbands expect all this from their wives regardless of age or social level.

16. Shared Interests

It’s no secret that living together is much easier if you have common interests. Husbands, like other partners, expect to share interests with their wives.

True, it’s mutual. You both need to find some common ground. However, it’s a good idea to take the initiative and try to like what he enjoys. Trust me, he’ll do the same!

17. Ambition

Husbands love their wives to be ambitious and capable of fulfilling their dreams. This can also fall under independence.

After all, being loved and accepted by an ambitious woman makes a man feel a lot more worthy. We advise you never to let go of your dreams even with all your added responsibilities.

18. A Peaceful Home

Men usually go home every day looking for a peaceful escape from their daily routines. That way, your husband expects you to make your home a welcoming and peaceful environment.

Women who are always nervous and worried might lose the support of their husbands. That doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to show anxiety. Rather, don’t make it a way of life.

19. Love for His Family

Your husband naturally expects you to love and respect his family. After all, every man thinks of his parents and siblings as the easiest and kindest. We know that this might not be true.

However, do your part and try to take the extra mile even if they’re not the best. Loving and accepting your husband’s family makes his life and yours much easier.

20. Patience

We all need patience when dealing with others. However, this quality is ultra significant in a marriage, especially at the beginning of the journey. Until you understand one another, you need to be extra patient.

Moreover, men are like kids. We need patience to teach them our ways. In other words, accept that you might need to repeat certain things several times before your husband gets them right.


So what are a husband’s expectations from his wife?

Husbands expect many things from their wives. Some of them are easy to get, such as honesty, fidelity, commitment, and respect.

Other expectations might come as a surprise to some. For instance, husbands expect their wives to be ambitious, healthy, independent, and mature.

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