Home Personality Is Ryan Reynolds Related to Burt Reynolds? Here’s Everything We Know

Is Ryan Reynolds Related to Burt Reynolds? Here’s Everything We Know

by Maria L. Searle
Is Ryan Reynolds Related to Burt Reynolds Here’s Everything We Know

Ryan Reynolds is a jack of all trades. From acting and producing to entrepreneurship, he’s done it all and made a name for himself in Hollywood. 

Similarly, Burt Reynolds was a legendary actor and director who was a household name in the ‘70s and ‘80s. 

Given their shared last name, many people have wondered, “Is Ryan Reynolds related to Burt Reynolds?”

Background on Ryan Reynolds

He found solace in acting and began performing in local theater productions when he was just 12 years old.

At the age of 13, Reynolds landed his first professional job in a Canadian teen soap opera called Hillside. He played the role of Billy Simpson for four seasons, from 1991 to 1993. 

During this time, he also appeared in several other Canadian television shows and movies, including The Odyssey, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and In Cold Blood.

After finishing high school, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career. He landed small roles in movies and TV shows, including Two Guys and a Girl, The Outer Limits, and Blade: Trinity.

However, it wasn’t until he starred in the rom-com The Proposal in 2009 that he became a household name. 

Since then, he has starred in many blockbuster movies, including Deadpool, Green Lantern, and 6 Underground.

Background on Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds was born in 1936 on the 11th of February in Lansing, Michigan. His parents were Burton Milo Reynolds and Harriet Fernette.

Reynolds’ early acting career was marked by small roles in television shows and movies. He made his film debut in the 1961 movie Angel Baby

After that, he went on to appear in numerous films and television shows throughout the 1960s and 1970s like Smokey and the Bandit and Route 66.

Speculations of a Familial Connection

Even though both actors share the same last name, Ryan Reynolds and Burt Reynolds aren’t related by any means. They don’t share any familial connection, and there’s no evidence anywhere to suggest that they’re related.

While there have been rumors and speculations about their relationship, these claims have been debunked by several reliable sources such as ET Canada.

Clarification of the Relationship

Burt Reynolds’ family has Dutch, English, Scots-Irish, and Scottish ancestry. He also claimed Cherokee and Italian roots.

On the other hand, Ryan is 100% Canadian and never claimed to be a descendant of any other nationality.

Ryan Reynolds’ Acknowledgment

Ryan Reynolds acknowledged the question of many by making it clear in an interview that he’s not related to Burt, saying, “I have no relations to Burt Reynolds in any way, shape, or form.”

Legacy and Impact

Ryan has influenced the film industry, especially in terms of superhero movies. Or shall we say, anti-hero movies? His charm and wits set him apart.

Ryan did say that he loves the late actor, Burt Reynolds. Naturally, Burt has influenced the entertainment industry, especially by his performance in Deliverance.

Burt Reynolds, much like Ryan, is blessed with wits and a captivating character that made him a popular guest on talk shows, especially around the ‘70s.

Final Thoughts

In summary, there’s no familial connection between Ryan and Burt Reynolds. Despite their shared last name and profession, they don’t come from the same family.

Both Ryan and Burt have had their own influences on the film industry with their similar wits and charms. Ryan leaned more toward the superhero genre, while Burt is a Western icon, a sex symbol, and an action figure.

Questions about their familiar connections remain burning as ever, which is understandable as they work in the same line of business.

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