Home Personality Kyle Forgeard’s Net Worth: An Inside Look at The YouTuber’s Success

Kyle Forgeard’s Net Worth: An Inside Look at The YouTuber’s Success

by Maria L. Searle
Kyle Forgeard’s Net Worth An Inside Look at The YouTuber's Success

Kyle Forgeard is a widely recognized internet personality who has made a name for himself through the creation of his YouTube channel, Nelk.

Known for entertaining pranks, vlogs, and social experiments, Kyle, along with his friends Jesse and Lucas, has garnered a massive following of subscribers across all platforms.

Thanks to his online ventures, Forgeard has achieved an impressive net worth, allowing him the opportunity to seize other business opportunities. 

To know more about Kyle Forgeard’s journey, his net worth, and his success as a YouTube personality, continue reading the article.

Kyle Forgeard Net Worth: Overview

As of April 2023, Kyle Forgeard’s net worth was estimated to be around $1.5 million.

However, if you take the Nelk boys into account, they have achieved remarkable financial success — reported to be over $70 million annually.

Their revenue stream comes from channel subscriptions, donations, and merchandise sales.

Who Is Kyle Forgeard?

Let’s look into Kyle Forgeard’s background before he created Nelk:

Early Life and Family Background

Early Life and Family Background

Kyle John Forgeard, born on July 12, 1994, hails from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. His parents are Rick and Gayle Forgeard, and he has one sister named Chantal.

Although Forgeard is Canadian-European, there has been curiosity regarding his background due to his mixed appearance. While there have been claims that his mom is of Indian descent, Forgeard has not publicly confirmed this information.

Education and Career Beginnings

Forgeard attended Ryerson study where he pursued film studies. However, he chose to drop out of school to focus on his career as a full-time content creator.

Kyle Forgeard’s Rise to Fame

Kyle Forgeard’s rise to fame has been a captivating journey marked by his charisma and compelling content creation.

Entry into the Entertainment Industry

Kyle Forgeard teamed up with Jesse Sebastiani and started the Youtube channel Nelk, in 2010.

Their prank video titled “McDonald’s Job Interview Prank” marked their debut in 2013. The video currently has 1.8 million views on Youtube.

The project that catapulted them into fame would be their “Coke Prank on Cops” in 2015. In the prank video, they pretended to have illegal drugs in the trunk of their car, only to be revealed they have carefully stacked Coca-Cola instead.

Projects and Collaboration

Forgeard earned his Youtube Gold Creator Award in 2018 after reaching one million subscribers.

Aside from Nelk, Forgeard and Sebastianni created Full Send Podcast where they discuss current trends and give their opinions on worldwide issues.

They’ve also invited celebrities on their podcast, such as Elon Musk, Hulk Hogan, and even former U.S. president Donald Trump.

What Are The Sources of Kyle Forgeard’s Income?

Although Kyle has made it big on YouTube, he has explored multiple revenue streams:

YouTube Revenues

There are four other channels under the main Youtube channel Nelk:

  • SalimtheDream
  • Full Send Podcast
  • Full Send MMA
  • Full Send Golf

There are a total of 12,598,000 views across all the channels. While the exact revenue for their channels is unknown, here’s how YouTube revenues are calculated:

Youtube and Google utilize Cost Per Mile (CPM) to calculate the payment for ad views. This means that creators are paid a specific amount for every 1000 views, varying by content niche.

For instance, gaming YouTubers may earn around $4 per thousand views, while real estate YouTubers may earn up to $15 per thousand views.

Additionally, YouTube offers Cost Per Click (CPC), where creators can earn when viewers click on ad links, even after the 5-second skip. CPC payments differ from CPM and depend on the viewer’s region and content niche.

For example, a tech YouTuber may earn about $1.2 for a click from an American viewer, while Canadian viewers may be valued at $0.90 per click.



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Taking a closer look at Kyle Forgeard’s financial success, it’s evident that he and the Nelk boys have truly hit the jackpot with their ventures.

A significant portion of Kyle’s net worth stems from his brainchild, the lifestyle brand Full Send, which made its debut in 2020. The brand’s exceptional growth has been staggering, with projections indicating that it was set to generate an astounding $70 million in annual revenue.

Full Send clothing follows an intriguing strategy of limited drops, creating a sense of scarcity and exclusivity. This unique approach has catapulted the brand’s reputation and transformed it into a highly coveted item.

It’s no surprise that most of their releases sell out within a mere day or two, leaving fans eager to get their hands on the next drop.


When it comes to making waves in the digital realm, Kyle Forgeard and the team at Full Send have proven their expertise beyond just creating captivating YouTube content.

In January 2021, they launched the sensational Full Send Metacard NFT project, which caused quite a stir and managed to generate an astounding $23 million in revenue.

The Full Send Metacard NFT features an animated video showcasing a meticulously designed 3D model branded card. Owning this NFT grants exclusive access to merchandise drops and real-life events.

Other Revenue Streams

Aside from dipping his hand in NFTs and merchandise, Kyle has also found lucrative ways to earn more income through other methods:

Real Estate

Karl Forgeard also ventured into the world of real estate, showcasing his knack for investments. In April 2021, they made a savvy move by purchasing a stunning, newly-built house valued at $9 million.

The entire property is around 9,723 square feet and is in Newport Beach, California, which Kyle rents out for $27,000 per month.

Happy Dad

Happy Dad

John Shahidi, Sam Shahidi, and the Nelk boys are making waves in the beverage industry with their hard seltzer brand: Happy Dad.

In 2021, they sold 698,000 12-packs, and in 2022, they sold 2.6 million 12-packs nationwide.

The brand’s Instagram account has also amassed 1 million followers — becoming the leading beer/seltzer brand on the platform.


Kyle Forgeard, a popular YouTuber and member of Nelk, has achieved a commendable net worth through his online endeavors. While the exact figure has not been publicly disclosed, it’s estimated to be around $1.5 million as of April 2023.

Kyle’s success stems from a combination of several revenue streams, including his YouTube channel and business opportunities such as Full Send and Metacard NFT. Furthermore, his strategic investment in real estate adds to his impressive financial standing.

Kyle’s journey showcases the potential for financial success through digital platforms and entrepreneurial ventures.

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