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Lola Rock: Daughter of Chris Rock, Whom Chris Rock Asked the Principal to Expel from School

by Maria L. Searle
Lola Rock Daughter of Chris Rock, whom Chris Rock asked the principal to expel from school

You’re likely familiar with the famous actor Chris Rock and have seen him at least once in the media. 

However, like many people, you probably know very little about his firstborn daughter, Lola Rock. 

This is because Lola has grown up away from the limelight. Ironically, the most popular story about Lola is her expulsion from high school. 

Still, there’s a lot more to know about her. This post sheds light on Chris Rock’s older daughter.

Who Is Lola Rock?

Who Is Lola Rock

Lola Simone Rock was born in June 2002 in New York. She grew up in Alpine, New Jersey, with her younger sister Zahra under their parents’ care. 

Lola’s father is the actor and ace comedian Chris Rock. Her mother is the entrepreneur and author Malaak Compton-Rock.

As you might have heard, Lola landed in trouble during high school. This was when she misbehaved with some wealthy classmates during a class trip to Portugal. 

Consequently, her father took a strong stand and requested the school management to expel Lola from the educational institution.

The famous actor’s daughter graduated from high school in 2020 at the age of 18. Then, she moved to Europe to start her college education.

As of writing these words, she’s enrolled in a culinary program in Paris, France, according to her mother’s posts on Instagram.

Sadly, Lola’s parents divorced in 2016 but are still supportive and devoted to their daughters.

Lola Rock’s Net Worth

Lola Rock is still in college and hasn’t started her career yet. That way, she doesn’t currently have an independent income stream or net worth.

The girl’s parents are still responsible for funding her needs, education, and lifestyle.

Lola Rock’s Age

Lola celebrated her 21st birthday in June 2023. If you’re wondering about her zodiac sign, it’s Cancer. 

Lola Rock on Instagram


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Despite turning 21, Lola is still away from the spotlight. It seems like she prefers having a high level of privacy.

Unlike all her other family members, Lola Rock doesn’t have an official public Instagram account.

However, her father shares photos of her and her sister on his Instagram account from one time to another.

Likewise, her mother posts photos of her on the photo-sharing platform occasionally. 

Lola Rock’s Mother: Malaak Compton-Rock

Lola Rock's Mother Malaak Compton-Rock

Although it might not be as popular as Chris Rock, Lola’s mother is a renowned figure as well.

She’s a well-known author, entrepreneur, and actor. Compton-Rock is also a highly passionate advocate for children’s rights and social justice.

The lady was born in Auckland, California, in June 1969.

Malaak started her career as a publicist in the entertainment industry. Then, she founded her non-profit organization, StyleWorks, in 1994.

In addition, she was the executive director of Angelrock organization, which aims to support social change.

Malaak tied the knot with Chris Rock in November 1996. They lived together with their daughters in Alpine, New Jersey.

Sadly, the couple divorced in 2016 after nearly two decades of marriage because of Chris’s infidelity.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Chris admitted being disloyal to his ex-wife. He also criticized his behaviors that led to the divorce.

Lola Rock’s Younger Sister: Zahra

Lola Rock's Younger Sister Zahra

Zahra Rock was born in May 2004. As opposed to Lola, Zahra is active on Instagram, where she shares her passion for travel and activism.

Currently, Zahra is a student at the University of Southern California. Nonetheless, her specific study major is still unknown.

Lola Rock’s Father: Chris Rock

I know you might be highly familiar with Chris Rock, but here, I’ll only take a sneak peek into Chris Rock’s life story.

Christopher Julius Rock, better known as Chris Rock, is a renowned American actor, stand-up comedian, and filmmaker.

His first significant media appearance was as a Saturday Night Live (SNL) cast member in 1990. 

He obtained this opportunity after years of playing minor roles in multiple films. In 1996, Rock starred in the stand-up comedy Bring the Pain, produced by HBO.

Further, he starred in other HBO specials, such as Kill the Messenger, Never Scared, and Chris Rock: Tambourine.

Lola Rock's Father Chris Rock

The Chris Rock Show

One of the most successful milestones in Chris Rock’s career was hosting the popular HBO production The Crest Rock Show from 1997 to 2000. 

Chris interviewed renowned politicians and celebrities on the show. The program quickly gained tremendous acclaim among viewers.

Chris’s Major Movies and Awards

The famous actor starred in remarkable movies, including Down to Earth, Head of State, Nurse Betty, and Pootie Tang

In addition, he wrote and produced the popular sitcom Everybody Hates Chris.

Moreover, Rock’s career is adorned with awards; he has been honored with four Primetime Emmy Awards and three Grammy Awards.

In Summary

So, by now, you know the most important details and highlights of Lola Rock’s life.

Lola Rock is the older daughter of the famous comedian Chris Rock. She was expelled from high school at her father’s request after misbehaving with her wealthy classmates on a trip.

Rock currently studies culinary arts in Paris, France. She still maintains good relationships with both of her parents despite their separation in 2016.

Image source: Instagram

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