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Michelle Ghent: Terrence Howard’s Second Ex-Wife, Engaged in Six-Year Legal Battle with ‘Empire’ Star

by Maria L. Searle
Michelle Ghent

Michelle Ghent is well-known for being the second ex-wife of the famous Hollywood star, Terrence Howard. The couple has had a tumultuous relationship that has made headlines for years.

In this post, I’ll give you a sneak peek into Michelle Ghent’s life and career, along with a deep dive into the legal dispute between her and Howard.

Michelle Ghent’s Early Life

Michelle Ghent’s early life is mysterious. Nothing is known about her upbringing details or family background. 

The only thing known to the public is her birth year, 1977.

Michelle Ghent’s Career

Terrence Howard

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Michelle started her professional life in the 90s working at Jeffries Technologies in Los Angeles. 

She then became a talent coordinator at the commercial production company MJZ. Later, she secured positions at World Hero, Film, and Eric Beauchamp. 

She also was managing director for Terrence Howard’s company, Al Chemist Production Inc., after they got married. In addition, some sources state that she owned an online store. 

Michelle Ghent and Terrence Howard’s Relationship 

Michelle Ghent and Terrence Howard's Relationship

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The relationship between Michelle Ghent and Terrence Howard was a little unusual from the beginning. The couple had a secret relationship initially. 

No one knows when they started dating. So, when they tied the knot in 2010, it came as a surprise to many.

But their sudden marriage wasn’t the only surprise; Michelle decided to file for divorce after only one year. She accused Howard of infidelity and physical abuse shortly after marriage. 

Then, she sued him for defamation and emotional distress.

One year later, the divorce was finalized, and the court decided that Howard would pay $5,800 a month as spousal support.

Nonetheless, the court decided to overturn the agreement two years later because of Ghent’s reportedly lousy attitude. That being said, the lawsuit was still running.

Howard Response

Shortly after the lawsuit was filed against him, Howard claimed that Ghent blackmailed him and threatened to leak private materials if he didn’t pay her compensation. He also denied her claims of beating her.

Howard said that Ghent sent him multiple hostile messages. In addition, he claimed that she attempted to end her life before and was diagnosed with psychological disorders.

Audio Recordings Confirmed Howard Claims 

Michelle Ghent

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Out of nowhere, some audio recordings of Michelle were leaked in 2015, confirming some of Ghent’s allegations.

These recordings contained threats from Michelle to release intimate videos for Howard and destroy critical medical records. 

Ghent said in the recordings that the only way to prevent her from carrying out the threats was to receive the settlement she asked for. 

Michelle Received $1 Million in Settlement. 

Despite the leaked audio recordings, 2019 marked a legal victory for Michelle Ghent. That year, the court ordered Howard to pay over $1 million

This amount included back spousal support along with other compensations.

Howard Confessions

After the legal battle between him and Michelle ended, Howard admitted that he cheated on her with multiple women during their engagement. 

He also admitted that he used drugs with Michelle many times. 

Who Is Terrence Howard’s Wife Now?

Terrence Howard's Wife

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There’s no news about whether Michelle Ghent is currently married. However, Howard and Miranda Pak married only one year after his divorce from Michelle Ghent. 

This relationship had a lot of ups and downs, so it lasted for only two years. The couple has had children, but they haven’t revealed any information about them.

On the other hand, Michelle has had a low-profile life in recent years. No updates have been published about her since the end of the legal case.

Wrapping Up 

Michelle Ghent and Terrence Howard married suddenly in 2012 when no one knew they were dating. 

Shortly after, the relationship went downhill, and they had a protracted legal dispute lasting over six years. 

Now, the ex-wife of Hollywood star Howard lives a low-profile life entirely out of the public eye. 

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