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Ninja Net Worth: From 19 Million Twitch Followers to 24 Million TikTok Subscribers, Is This Fortnite Streamer Only Worth $40 Million in 2024?

by Maria L. Searle
Ninja Net Worth

Who said playing video games couldn’t make you a millionaire?

Ninja, whose real name is Taylor Blevin, is a trustworthy online gaming rockstar. He’s an American pro player, live streamer, and YouTuber.

Ninja has built a substantial fortune with his top-notch gaming skills and goofy personality. Below, I’m revealing how much Ninja’s net worth is now.

How Much Is Ninja’s Net Worth 2024?


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Online sources say that Ninja, who started his gaming career at just 18 years old, sits on a $40 million wealth.

His journey to fame started with Halo 3, which he played professionally for various esports teams. Things took off when he live-streamed Fortnite Battle Royale when it came out in 2017.

Ninja was also the first esports pro gamer to grace the cover of the ESPN magazine.

Over the years, he has diversified his income streams through collaborations, sponsorships, and brand deals.

Ninja’s Sources of Income

Here’s how Ninja has built his wealth and brand:

1. Twitch


Before hitting it big, Ninja was already a streamer on Twitch, playing Steam Early Access games of lesser-known titles.

His popularity exploded when he started streaming Fortnite, a game quickly gaining traction. The content creator amassed 3 million followers on Twitch within months.

Ninja went mega-viral when he hosted a Fortnite game with rapper Drake, setting peak concurrent viewership for a Twitch solo stream. He smashed his viewing record for his Ninja Vegas 2018 event a month later.

At last check, his Twitch account has 19 million followers, with hundreds of thousands paying a minimum of $4.99 monthly subscription fee. Ninja receives at least $2.50 per subscription, so his income snowballs month after month as more fans subscribe to his channel.

Ninja also earns a cent for every Bit gem (or $1 per 100 Bits) spent on his streams, which viewers use to cheer their favorite streamers. Plus, he takes commissions from donations, ad revenues, and affiliate products.

Ninja made nearly $10 million in 2018 from live-streaming Fortnite alone. He helped propel the free-to-play game to immense success, driving developer Epic Games to a jaw-dropping $3 billion profit that year. For his contributions, Fortnite added Ninja-inspired skin in 2020.

Ninja left Twitch for Microsoft’s Mixer but later returned, signing a multi-year exclusive deal. Eventually, Ninja opted out of his full-time contract to stream on Twitch, YouTube, and other gaming platforms simultaneously.

2. Mixer


In 2019, Ninja, already the most popular streamer on Twitch, dropped the platform to join Mixer, Microsoft’s game streaming service. Recall that he used to play Microsoft’s Halo 3 competitively as a pro.

Reports pegged the exclusive three-year deal to be worth around $20–30 million.

Despite Ninja’s clout, the partnership ultimately fell through. Microsoft killed the platform a year later and released Ninja with a massive payout.

Ninja allegedly declined an offer to switch to Facebook Gaming, where Mixer members migrated.

3. YouTube

After Mixer shut down, Ninja hinted at his move to YouTube Gaming by teasing a test stream via Twitter.

This would allow him to merge his streaming content since he was already uploading Twitch videos on his YouTube channel.

However, the dream collaboration didn’t push through, and Ninja went on to return to Twitch on an exclusive deal.

Still, Ninja has nearly 24 million subscribers on YouTube. Online sleuths estimate Ninja’s YouTube profits at around $220,000–$390,000 annually.

4. Sponsorships and Brand Partnerships


Ninja teamed up with Red Bull for a special Fortnite tournament called Red Bull Rise Till Dawn 2018. Event tickets sold out within minutes of Ninja’s announcement during a Twitch stream.

As part of his sponsorship, the energy drink company released a limited-edition Red Bull Ninja can. Red Bull also decked out his streaming room, nicknamed Ninja’s Dojo.

In 2019, the Fortnite superstar guest-starred in a two-minute Super Bowl commercial alongside NFL greats, including Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

The same year, EA roped in Ninja to hype Apex Legends, a Fortnite competitor. Ninja reportedly pocketed $1 million for playing and promoting the game for hours. The collaboration paid off, generating 10 million signups in just three days.

In 2023, Ninja signed on as Chief Innovation Officer for GameSquare, a Nasdaq trading company and esports giant. His goal? To create genuine content, new experiences, and direct fan engagement.

5. Other Projects

In 2019, Ninja released three printed materials: a graphic novel, a sticker notebook, and a self-help book entitled Get Good: My Ultimate Guide to Gaming.

He also sang as Ice Cream on season two of The Masked Singer. Unfortunately, he got the boot after his first performance.

In 2022, he put together a 30-day Masterclass course on how to succeed as a streamer.

Is Ninja married?

Jessica Belvins

Ninja is married to Jessica Belvins, who also serves as his manager. She handles everything from answering emails and arranging sponsorships to scheduling interviews and managing daily household tasks.

Additionally, Jessica efficiently manages the overwhelming amount of social media traffic they receive.


How Old Is Ninja?

Ninja is 32 as of writing. He was born on June 5, 1991.

How Much Does Ninja Earn From Twitter?

Ninja reportedly made around $500,000 monthly at Fortnite’s popularity.

He’s still pulling in a hefty sum from Twitch, even without an exclusive contract. He let slip his earnings during a livestream when he briefly flashed his screen with the Twitch tab open.

According to the dashboard, Ninja streamed for 102 hours, had 23,828 subscribers, and earned $142,177 between October and November 2023.

Final Thoughts

It’s hardly shocking that Ninja’s net worth is $40 million.

True—Fortnite played a massive role in catapulting him to fame. But his clever branding and savvy business decisions have kept him at the top.

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