Home Personality Ruby-May Martinwood: English Actress, Fashion Nova Curve Brand Ambassador, Takes on the Role of Brenda in BBC’s Father Brown

Ruby-May Martinwood: English Actress, Fashion Nova Curve Brand Ambassador, Takes on the Role of Brenda in BBC’s Father Brown

by Maria L. Searle
Ruby May Martinwood

Actress, model, entrepreneur, and influencer Ruby May Martinwood has accomplished much in her 20-something years. Her remarkable acting skills and charming persona attracted many followers, and the list is still growing.

Today’s post talks all about Ruby May Martinwood. We’ll quickly examine her family life, relationship status, career, and net worth.

Are you interested in finding out more about this gorgeous young talent? Let’s get started.

Who Is Ruby May Martinwood?

Ruby May Martinwood

Ruby May Martinwood is an English model who has modeled for well-known companies like Motel Rocks and Lounge Apparel. Martinwood. She debuted at the legendary New York Fashion Week and can still appear on the catwalk, looking fabulous.

She’s also an actress who debuted on television, starring in numerous TV shows.

In addition, the talented young star creates a wide range of lifestyle apparel, such as streetwear and swimwear.

All About Ruby May Martinwood

Now, let’s go into more detail about Ruby May Martinwood. Even though not much is disclosed about this rising star in the media, I uncovered a few bits and pieces here and there.

Take a look.


Ruby May Martinwood hasn’t disclosed any information regarding her parents. I couldn’t uncover anything about their names, age, or profession.

I was also unable to find out whether or not she had any siblings. All I managed to find was that she was born in the UK and currently resides in London.


Not much is disclosed about her date of birth. I found one source that claims Martinwood was born in 1998, making her 26 years old as of 2024.

It’s worth mentioning that all the other sources stated that her birth date is “still not confirmed.”

Nevertheless, it’s safe to assume that she was born sometime in the late 1990s, which means the aspiring star is somewhere in her mid-20s.

Personal Life

Ruby May Martinwood

Ruby May Martinwood loves spending her free time exploring different island chains and beaches. That’s why most of her social media posts are filled with photos of breathtaking places like Croatia, Thailand, and Palawan Island in the Philippines.

She doesn’t seem to be in a relationship right now. However, there’s a man who frequently appears on her Instagram, some photos even showing them being quite intimate. Most notably, they both wear matching couple’s nose rings. Could he be her boyfriend?


She may be in her 20s, but Ruby May Martinwood has accomplished much more than most people. Here’s a quick look at her career track, starting as a teenager.


Ruby May Martinwood started her career as a model. She became interested in modeling in her early teenage years and worked hard to become well-known and respected in the industry.

She gained experience by working with a top-tier firm, Lounge Apparel. Her big modeling debut came at New York Fashion Week, where she walked for several famous designers.

Soon after, she signed a modeling contract with Motel Rocks, a UK-based modeling agency.

A short while later, she was named the official ambassador of the Fashion Nova Curve clothing brand.


BBC’s Father Brown

Martinwood’s career as an actress began in 2017 when she participated in the series Taboo. Her role was a short cameo starring opposite Tom Hardy. Even though it was a small role, Martinwood quickly became a household name after that and soon had a growing fanbase.

Her next TV project was Doctor, which also was an instant hit. Martinwood also worked in RidyBy, Death in Paradise, Round My Way, and Mr. Wong’s Lullaby.

Yet, her most memorable role was in BBC’s Father Brown, where she had a recurring role from 2022 until 2024. She even won the “Best Breakthrough Actor” award in 2022 at the Royal Television Society Awards for her guest role on the show. Now, she’s become a series regular playing the new housekeeper “Brenda.”


As I mentioned earlier, Martinwood has her clothing line. It’s not clear whether she has an online store set up or she sells her collection via various clothes outlets.

Yet, what is clear is that she designs different types of apparel, from streetwear to swimwear.

Net Worth

Ruby-May Martinwood

Ruby May Martinwood’s finances aren’t disclosed publicly. So I wasn’t able to find an exact figure.

However, from researching Martinwood’s career and what she’s accomplished so far, it’s safe to say that her net worth is somewhere between $1 million and $5 million.

To Sum Up

Ruby May Martinwood is a young aspiring model/actress. She began her career as a successful model before transitioning into television.

This young talent is passionate about her work. But she also knows how to have a good time, as is evident from her social media posts.

She’s also very good at separating her work from her personal life. As such, little is known about her parents, siblings, potential partners, or even her exact age and net worth.

Images source: Instagram

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