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Sam Skarsgård: The Skarsgard sibling Who Broke the family’s acting legacy

by Maria L. Searle
Sam Skarsgård The Skarsgard sibling Who Broke the family's acting legacy

Whether it’s Miley Cairus, Jaden Smith, or Angelina Jolie, many children of artists grow up with love and passion for their parents’ art form. So, it’s only natural that all of Stellen Skarsgard’s kids would follow in his footsteps; all but one, at least. 

Although Sam Sakrsgard started his acting career at an early age, he didn’t stay in it for long. Today, we explore his early life, acting career, reasons behind quitting, and more. 

Sam Skarsgård’s Biography

Sam Skarsgard is many things: an actor, production manager, and doctor, to name a few. 

Born on June 5, 1982, in Stockholm, Sweden, the stars had decided Sam’s future before he was born. You see, he’s the son of the iconic Stellen Skarsgard, known for his roles in Thor, Good Will Hunting, and Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.

He has five siblings, Alexander, Gustaf, Bill, Vaulter, and Eija. Two years after his parents separated, though, his father married Megan Everett and had two kids, Ossion and Kolbjőrn.

All of Sam’s brothers became actors, with various successful works to their names. So, it was only a matter of time before it was his turn to do the same. That wasn’t the case, though.

Sam Skarsgård’s Career

Sam Skarsgård’s Career

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As you might expect, Sam showed signs of acting talent at an early age, starring in movies since he was five. 

His first on-screen appearance was in the adventurous film Jim & Peraterna Blom, where he co-starred with his dad. He was also the body double of Gustaf in the thriller film, The Invisible. 

Sam has various contributions to the film industry besides acting. He was the production manager on various short films, like Att doőda ett barn and Skuggvȁrld.

Whatever his role was, Sam just wanted to be part of the movie set. However, over time, he realized that his passion lies elsewhere; the medical field, to be specific.

Instead of paving his way through the film industry, where his family had an established name, Sam decided to follow in his mother’s footsteps and become a doctor. You might think tension escalated between Sam and his siblings after that decision, but it’s actually the opposite.

His brothers spoke highly of him and his mother during their interviews, doubting their contribution to the world compared to their saving lives every day.

Sam Skarsgård’s Mother

Sam Skarsgård’s Mother

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My Skarsgard had an eventful life. Like Sam, she was part of the entertainment industry at one point, appearing in movies and TV shows. Later on, however, she finished medical school while raising her six children. 

Unfortunately, though, My Skarsgard’s life wasn’t as perfect as screens made it out to be. She’s been a controversial topic in the Hollywood industry because of her alcohol abuse. In fact, speculations indicate that’s why her marriage didn’t last.

However, with her friends’ support, she managed to beat her addiction and come out stronger. Afterward, she trained to help those struggling with addiction.

Sam Skarsgard’s Siblings

Sam Skarsgard’s SiblingsAs we already mentioned, Sam’s siblings grew up to follow in their father’s footsteps. 

Alexander made a name for himself through the role of Eric Northman in HBO’s True Blood. Then, his career took off, taking part in movies like The Legend of Tarzan, Hold the Dark, and Melancholia.

Gustaf is famous for playing the eccentric boat builder, Floki, in The History Channel’s hit series, Vikings. Out of everyone in the Skarsgard household, though, Bill is probably the most well-rounded.

You might know him for his unique role as Pennywise in It and It Chapter Two. Besides acting, he’s also a producer, director, and voice-over actor, voicing the Deviant Kro in Eternals.

Valter, the youngest brother, has found moderate success through his roles in Lord of Chaos, Arn, and Beck.

Although she wasn’t an actress per se, Eija Skarsgard still made her way in the entertainment industry, as she started modeling at fourteen. She quit when she was 18 years old, though, because of the overwhelming pressure to lose weight.

Where Is Sam Skarsgard Now?

Where Is Sam Skarsgard Now

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As the least famous member of the Sakrsgard family, Sam enjoys his quiet life with his wife, Pat Metheny. 

We don’t know how the couple met or tied the knot, as they keep their relationship private. However, people still see them with the rest of the Skarsgard family members in public events.

Sam Skarsgard’s Net Worth

As an actor, production manager, and doctor, Sam has a net worth of around $5 million.

Wrapping Up

Although he started his acting career with spirit and enthusiasm, Sam Skarsgard decided to follow his true passion and become a doctor. 

Although he’s not as famous as his brother, he’s made the Skarsgard household proud!

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