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Self-Love Captions for Instagram in Layman Terms – 16 Captions Explained

by Tonya D. Ward
selflove captions for instagram

Self-love is one of the most important emotions you should cherish and develop. Nowadays, most people tend to express their self-love on Instagram.

Looking for self-love captions for Instagram? We provide you with a long list of motivational and sophisticated quotes to use.

The thing is that those captions aren’t always easy to understand. If you, too, face this problem, keep reading.

In this article, I’ll explain the meaning of 16 deep and highly philosophical captions. That way, you can easily show your self-love on Instagram with sophisticated words.

1. “You Are Allowed to Be Both a Masterpiece and a Work in Progress Simultaneously” – Sophia Bush

This quote means that you’re incredible even if you still have your ups and downs. Having your bad days doesn’t mean you’re not one-of-a-kind.

In other words, you’re an amazing person even though you’re still evolving, improving, and growing.

2. “Get Out of Your Own Way”

This quote is a wake-up call that reminds you not to be your own enemy. Stop sabotaging yourself, and don’t hinder your own success and progress in life.

It was even used as a title for a book that lists ways to overcome self-destructive behavior such as procrastination, guilt, neediness, etc.

3. “If You’re Looking for That One Person That Will Change Your Life, Take a Look in the Mirror” – Roman Price

Use this caption to mean that you’re the only person capable of changing your life. It’s a motivational quote that demonstrates confidence and self-appreciation.

Look within yourself for the change you seek in the world. Your entire future lies within your hands because improvement is a choice.

4. “In a Society That Profits From Your Self-Doubt, Loving Yourself Is a Rebellious Act” – Jason McMahon

We live in a consumptive society, in which businesses invest in shaking your self-confidence. Most modern marketing strategies aim at making you doubt yourself to lead you into buying their products.

Therefore, not falling for these schemes is an act of rebellion against such a demanding society. If you accept yourself the way you are, you’ll win over your society’s marketing plans.

5. “The Worst Loneliness Is Not Being Comfortable With Yourself” – Mark Twain

If you’re uncomfortable with the people around you, you can always keep to yourself. Yet, what if you’re not comfortable with yourself? That’s the ultimate level of loneliness.

If everyone turns against you, you have your own self for support. Thus, loving yourself boosts the comfort you need to have with yourself.

6. “Dare to Love Yourself as If You Were a Rainbow With Gold at Both Ends” – Aberjhani

Be strong, and never be ashamed of loving yourself to the utmost. You deserve love as you’re unique and special.

Love yourself because you’re beautiful and precious at the same time. The term “both ends” might refer to the times of your ups and downs.

7. “Love Is the Great Miracle Cure. Loving Ourselves Works Miracles in Our Lives.” – Luis L. Hay

If love is a magical remedy, loving yourself is the cure to all life problems. This quote is a call for you to love yourself as a way to overcome any hardship.

Who’s more worthy of your love than yourself? If you want amazing things coming your way, start by loving yourself.

8. “I Was Born to Be Real Not to Be Perfect.” – Shian Veronica Jane

This caption means that you shouldn’t seek perfection. Simply, be yourself. Don’t fall into the trap and see yourself as less than worthy. You’re a lot more than you think.

Today, everything around you sets unrealistic standards for beauty, success, and even relationships. However, you should accept and cherish yourself the way it is.

9. “The Most Common Way People Give Up Their Power Is by Thinking They Don’t Have Any.” – Alice Walker

You have plenty of powers, and you should know it. No matter how humble you are, don’t ever underestimate your powers and capabilities.

If you know your worth, you’ll be the strongest. However, not acknowledging your powers weakens you, so be the first one to know your own worth.

10. “The Absence of Self-Love Can Never Be Replaced With the Presence of People’s Love for You.” – Edmond Mbiaka

If you fail to love yourself, no one else can fill this void. Love should always start from within. Love yourself first, and every door will open for you.

This quote means that no matter how much other people love you, it won’t mean a thing without self-love. Loving yourself is the first step toward acceptance and happiness.

11. “Self-Respect, Self-Worth, and Self-Love, All Start With Self. Stop Looking Outside of Yourself for Your Value.’ – Rob Liano

Everything good starts within you. Don’t depend on the outside world to understand your self-worth.

You set your own value by loving yourself. That, in turn, can translate into other people’s love for you.

12. “Don’t Sacrifice Yourself Too Much, Because If You Sacrifice Too Much There’s Nothing Else You Can Give and Nobody Will Care For You.” – Karl Lagerfeld

This quote means that you shouldn’t give up too much. Don’t over-sacrifice because no one will appreciate it.

Love yourself and know your worth. The more you give, the more people take it for granted. That way, when you have nothing else to give them, they won’t be there for you.

13. “The Power of Finding Beauty in the Humblest Things Makes Home Happy and Life Lovely.” – Louisa May Alcott

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. If you find beauty in everything around you and within you, you’ll be happier and more peaceful.

Even the smallest things around us can have grand beauty. How about your own self? You’re beautiful all over. If you can see the beauty in your little scars and weaknesses, you’ll live happily.

14. “I’m Not Looking to Escape My Darkness; I’m Learning to Love Myself Here.” – Rune Lazuli

This quote means that you should accept your worst days before your bright ones. You should embrace even your weaknesses and dark moments.

Learn to love yourself in the worst situations, and you’ll find inner peace and acceptance.

15. “Learning to Love Yourself Is Like Learning to Walk — Essential, Life-Changing, and the Only Way to Stand Tall.” – Vironika Tugaleva

This quote means that learning self-love is among the first things a person should learn. It’s the only way to have dignity and get other people’s love.

Learn to appreciate yourself to compel others to love and appreciate you. You can’t stand tall without loving yourself first.

16. “Happiness Is an Inside Job. Don’t Assign Anyone Else That Much Power Over Your Life.” – William Arthur Ward

Happiness starts from within you. You’re the only person who can make yourself happy. Don’t rely on people to make you happy.

This reliance gives others too much power over you, and no one deserves this privilege. Make happiness your own decision, for no one deserves this power over you.


Instagram is a great medium for self-expression. Perhaps, self-love is the most important feeling to express for inspiration of yourself and others.

Therefore, you might need some good philosophical self-love captions for Instagram. You can always write what you feel, or opt for a well-known quote.

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