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Off-Roading at its Finest: Discover the Top 6 UTV Trails to Conquer in the UK!

by Maria L. Searle
the best utv trails and tracks in the uk

It’s awkward to see people who like mud more than asphalt, but there are plenty of those nowadays. But there are guys and girls who believe that riding vehicles on off-road tracks is fun. They do it with their family and friends, making this a whole package, not just plain racing but a happening that further bonds them.

Off-road races are getting more and more popular as time goes by. We see a significant rise in interest in such events, especially from bookmakers. It’s no wonder that the sportsbooks included several of them in their standard offer. While mentioning that, MightyTips presents top betting apps in the UK, which could be helpful if you love the excitement and want to find information on how to bet on different sporting events, including races.

Now, let’s get down to the best UTV trails in the United Kingdom. In the following lines, we will present the six best places in the UK for your possible off-road adventure. We won’t talk about the best UTV for trails, but only about routes.

Here they are:

  • Salisbury Plain
  • Bala
  • Cotswold Driving Experience
  • Silverstone
  • Bealach Na Bà
  • Strata Florida in Pontrhydfendigaid

Best UTV Trails in the United Kingdom

1. Salisbury Plain

The Salisbury Plain is one of the best side by side UTV trails in the UK because its terrain isn’t too challenging. You won’t find too many obstacles, rocks, and similar stuff here.

But you will find the Stonehenge monument, which you can visit while passing by. Stonehedge is among the most famous sites in the world, along with Yellowstone National Park, Niagara Falls, Cappadocia, Devil’s Town, etc.

Imagine yourself cruising by one of the oldest human monuments in the world on a sunny day with the people you love. It’s an incredible experience.

2. Bala

Some know this one as Bala 4×4. It’s a popular trail in Wales near Llandderfel, a very colorful place that includes Bala Lake, hills, and an extremely diverse terrain. The wildlife is also rich, with plenty of birds everywhere. You can also see Gwyniad, a white fish that lives only in this lake.

Nature is fascinating, and we are pretty sure that all those who crave a timeout from the concrete and the city would love to visit this place.

3. Cotswold Driving Experience

Cotswold Water Park includes a charming and interesting four-wheeling off-road track. We’ve had to mention it here because it is designed for a family visit. With all the help and personnel at your disposal, you can enjoy this trail and start learning to drive the vehicles yourself.

The instructors are highly helpful, and the vehicles are equipped with dual control, which allows them to teach you how to drive with minimal risks.

4. Silverstone

When you think of Silverstone, the first thing that crosses your mind is Formula 1, right? The widest track in the calendar, all the flashy names in the stands, luxury, etc. Well, there is more than that.

Not so far away, all the extravagance stops, and all you see are dirt and mud tires. This is a trail full of challenges, and the driver(s) must be extremely careful and experienced. Unlike the previous place, this is only for the pros. However, those skilled enough to take on this off-roading adventure will feel the thrill and the exhilaration like never before.

5. Bealach Na Bà

Bealach Na Bà is in Scotland and is a synonym for breathtaking scenery. Located in the Highlands, it will not only take you away from the city crowd but, while exploring it, take you back in the past and, just for the moment, show you how harsh life used to be. To drive here, you will need the best UTV for mountain trails.

During the winter, Bealach Na Bà presents a difficult task even for the most skillful off-roading veterans, so if you intend to visit this place, pick another time of the year.

6. Strata Florida in Pontrhydfendigaid

Now, this seven-mile track is one of the most demanding in the United Kingdom. Beginners will need help in handling this terrain; be sure about that. It contains very narrow passages, bomb holes, fjord crossings, obstacles that include getting your pants wet, etc.

It’s not an ordinary outdoor trip, but a task that needs to be handled precisely and carefully. We’ve seen plenty of accidents in the past when people aren’t careful, and this doesn’t apply to this trail specifically but in general.


We are sure that everyone has their preferences when talking about off-road trails and tracks. That’s why we came up with such a diverse list. The selection was tough because the United Kingdom has marvelous tracks, trails and off-road paths, but in the end, we had only room for six of them.

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