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Top 5 Hospitals in Germany for Medical Tourists

by Maria L. Searle
top 5 hospitals in germany for medical tourists

Since the German healthcare system is one of the best in the world, German doctors treat not only local citizens, but also foreign patients. Due to the high quality of medical care, medical tourism to Germany has become very popular, especially among residents of Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

People go to German clinics to take advantage of all the benefits of modern medicine. If you want to get innovative treatment, you should go to the best clinics. We will introduce you to the rating of TOP-5 German hospitals according to two reputable publications. All these clinics provide medical services for international patients.

Top 5 according to FOCUS

The FOCUS magazine annually compiles a German hospital ranking. It includes 1,600 German hospitals. Many criteria are taken into account when compiling the rating: the range of services, technical equipment and personnel, reports of clinics and even the opinion of patients.

The magazine ranks among the top hospitals in Germany, not only in general but also in certain areas of medicine. The rating also includes specialized clinics.

According to FOCUS magazine, the top hospitals in Germany in 2023 are as follows:

  1. Charité University Hospital, Berlin. The clinic takes the first place in the ranking. It also ranks high in the rating of the best clinics in the world. It has more than a hundred departments and institutes. It has a team of more than 4 thousand scientists and doctors.
  2. Ludwig-Maximilians University Hospital of Munich. The clinic serves more than half a million patients every year. It is a healthcare facility with a rich history, employing almost 2,000 doctors. Special attention is paid here to surgery. Operating rooms are equipped with robotic systems and other modern equipment. The clinic has many certificates: DIN EN ISO 9001, IQM, endoCert and others.
  3. Schleswig-Holstein University Hospital.It has more than 80 departments and institutes. Over two thousand physicians and scientists work in the staff. The clinic serves 360 thousand patients a year. Specialized centers of this hospital are located in the cities of Kiel and Lübeck. Their merger into one clinic took place in 2003.
  4. University Hospital Freiburg. A special feature of the medical center’s work is the treatment of rare diseases. Pathologies of endocrine, nervous and hematopoietic systems, as well as rare autoimmune diseases are successfully diagnosed and treated here. About 300 thousand patients are treated at the clinic annually, of which more than 50 thousand receive inpatient care. More than 1400 beds are equipped here to provide care to patients.
  5. University Hospital of Dresden. It was at this hospital that the world’s first transplant of an artificial heart into a living person took place. It also performed the world’s first robotic brain surgery and the world’s first kidney transplant to a blood-type incompatible donor. This clinic specializes in the most complex surgical interventions and quickly introduces innovations into clinical practice.

Top 5 according to Newsweek

German hospitals are considered some of the best in the world. The American portal Newsweek in cooperation with Statista has compiled a ranking of the best hospitals in the world in 2024. The data of 2400 hospitals from 30 countries were analyzed, including more than 200 hospitals from Germany.

Not only medical achievements were taken into account, but also hygiene, patient satisfaction, and their interaction with doctors. Each clinic is given a percentage score, where the ideal score is 100%.

According to this ranking, the only hospital in Germany that made it into the global top 10 was the Charité University Hospital Berlin. With a score of 93.27%, it ranked 6th. University Hospital Heidelberg was ranked 15th in the world and Ludwig-Maximilians University Hospital of Munich was ranked 26th.

The other two hospitals that made the German top five were Klinikum Rechts der Isar, Munich and University Hospital Hannover. If we expand the list to the top 10, the list includes the University Hospitals Hamburg, Freiburg, Cologne, Dresden and Bonn.

Final Words

If you need medical help, you can get it at one of the top hospitals in Germany. German clinics offer accurate diagnostics, innovative treatment, and safe minimally invasive procedures. High-quality patient care in Germany and good conditions in hospitals allow you to restore your health without discomfort.

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