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Everything You Should Know About The World of VA Disability Claims

by Maria L. Searle
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Throughout our history, millions of Americans have chosen to serve in the Armed Forces of the United States. This honorable choice has allowed them to defend the nation’s interests both domestically and abroad. Serving in the military is a considerable risk, especially for those in combat roles.

When service members are done with their time in the military, readjusting to civilian life can be very difficult. Society is not designed to function in the same way that the military does, and the traumatic memories of service can also be difficult to overcome when you return to a place filled with people who cannot relate to your experiences.

Often, military service results in injuries or illnesses that veterans have to live with when they return to civilian life. Perhaps they had a condition before their service began, and it was exacerbated. Either way, the Department of Veterans Affairs has a program that is meant to help these individuals. It is known as the VA Disability Benefits program.

What Qualifies as a Disability?

Before you consider how to file a claim for disability benefits, you need to understand what qualifies you for this program. You must be a veteran of active-duty military orders and either separated from service or discharged as anything other than dishonorable. If this is the case, then you must also meet one of the three following conditions.

  • You got sick or injured while serving in the military, and it was directly connected to your service.
  • You had an injury or illness before your service that was exacerbated during your time in the military.
  • You obtained an injury or illness that was discovered after your service but is directly connected to your time in the military.

If these conditions are met, then you might be eligible for the benefits program.

What are the Benefits?

If you qualify for the program and get approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs, then you will receive benefits. These benefits come in the form of tax-free monthly payments. They can range from a couple of hundred dollars to well over four thousand dollars per month. The amount you receive is based on your disability rating.

What is a disability rating? Essentially, it is a measurement of how much the injury or impact has affected your lifestyle. It is presented as a percentage between 0-100, usually in increments of ten. The higher your rating, the greater the compensation you receive. The reason is similar to how compensation works in personal injury. The more damages you suffer, the more money you will receive. With the monthly payments, the government helps you essentially make up for the cost of lost income or medical bills that are the result of your disability.

Potential Challenges With Your Claim

Receiving benefits is not always as simple as filing a claim and getting approved with a disability rating. Often, veterans are denied approval for various reasons or they are given a rating that is seemingly lower than they deserve. These challenges can result in no payments or lower payments than the individual needs.

Let’s say you receive a letter denying your claim, stating that your injury or illness is “not service” connected. In this case, you may want to get in touch with a resource or firm that can help you fight this denial, especially if you believe your affliction is service-related. Perhaps you did not provide enough evidence to support that claim, and you need some help proving it.

Another common issue that veterans run into is receiving a very low disability rating. Maybe you are underrepresented in how much this disability has impacted your life, or you feel the rating is unfair based on the evidence provided. Either way, you should not immediately accept the findings of the VA, as they often make mistakes. Instead, seek out representation to help you secure a more accurate rating so that you receive greater benefits each month. This extra income could be a lifesaver and help you support your family for years to come.

Is it Time For You to File a VA Disability Claim

Maybe you never knew about this program and are wondering if you qualify. Perhaps you did know about it, but you did not think that your injury or illness could be proven to be service-related. Whatever the case may be, it is important that you pursue what you deserve. The tax-free payments can be incredibly helpful as you worry about medical bills and other expenses that are difficult to manage in your current situation. Look out for your future and your family’s future by learning more about the VA Disability Benefits program and figuring out if you should file a claim soon.

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