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Your Guide to the Perfect Games Night

by Maria L. Searle
your guide to the perfect games night

Hosting a games night is a great way to bond with old friends and break the ice with new ones. And it’s a fun and cheaper way to embrace the ‘staying in is the new going out’ ethos. This guide will equip you with all the essentials to orchestrate an unforgettable evening of friendly competition and laughter. So, let’s get planning!

Pick Your Date and Time

With family commitments, many people have such busy weekends nowadays that a weekday party night can be preferable. But if you want to unwind after a long week at work, then Friday nights are classics.

Equally, don’t be afraid to get creative – a Sunday Funday with a board game brunch could be just the ticket. Additionally, think about the length of your gathering. A short, two-hour session can be just as enjoyable as an all-night affair, especially for those with early morning commitments.

Game On!

Once you know who’s coming, it will help you decide which games will suit your crowd. A fail-safe choice is board games as they strike a balance between classic favourites and something fresh. Think Monopoly for a nostalgic crowd, or a strategic game like Carcassonne for a more seasoned group.

For a digital twist, consider hooking up a console or setting up some classic retro video games like the ever-popular Nintendo 64. The rise of mobile gaming can’t be ignored! Fire up friendly competition with a few rounds of a popular mobile slots game – have fun but just be sure to play responsibly!

Card games offer endless possibilities, but check whether your players are more familiar with Snap! or Blackjack. Cater to casual players with a round of Cheat or introduce the excitement of Poker for a more strategic soiree.

Themed Thrills

Once you know which games you’ll be playing, consider a theme for your games night. A theme isn’t essential, of course, but it can add a touch of whimsy and an extra layer of fun.

For a night of casino games, channel the Roaring Twenties with a Gatsby-esque theme, complete with flapper dresses and glitzy decorations. Shake up some cocktails or mocktails for liquid refreshment. Or unleash your inner detective with a murder mystery dinner party, where guests dress up as suspects and solve a crime.

Snacking Made Simple

Don’t go hungry! On a game night, where people can move around a lot, finger foods can be your friend! Think crudités with dips, bowls of popcorn, or miniature versions of favourites like quiche and hot dogs or pizza slices – party foods that are all easy to grab and nibble on without interrupting the flow of the game.

If the games night is more sedate and involves less rushing around, hold a potluck evening where each guest brings a home-cooked dish.

Music and Ambience

Background music can enhance the mood. Opt for something upbeat and playful for a party atmosphere, or tailor it to your theme.

Think Roaring Twenties jazz for a Gatsby night, or spooky soundtracks for a murder mystery. Lighting also plays a part. Keep things bright and cheerful for an energetic atmosphere or dim the lights for a more mysterious ambience.

Additionally, consider incorporating themed decorations and props to immerse your guests in the experience fully. A fog machine can add an eerie touch, while string lights and candles can create a cosy, intimate setting for a relaxed gathering.

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